Notable Software: 2/14 – 2/20

February 18th, 2010 -

It’s Valentine’s week everyone! Now that that’s out of my system, here is this week’s offerings that will squabble for your moneys! You might even find something for you sweetheart… or yourself….? Hit the jump to find out this week’s offerings.

-Nintendo DS-
 The Ace Attorney franchise returns this week with Miles Edgeworth at the helm. In this new adventure in the crazy court drama series from Capcom, you play as Miles Edgeworth: a prosecutor and antagonist from previous games in the series. This time around you control Miles in a 2-D side scroller of sorts, moving him around environments to find clues to get that guilty verdict he so desperately loves. You are of course joined by classic characters from the Ace Attorney games, such as trusty sidekick and cop, Dick Gumshoe. Go pick this one up if your a fan of the series, I know I will!

-PlayStation Portable-
A new SOCOM game is out this week and… hang on, let me do this right and get the man who knows the series. Ryan, if you will be so kind sir:
Ryan: The Fireteam Bravo games are 3rd person “lock on” shooter games. Don’t be so quick to judge the “lock on” part, it actually works rather well in lieu of the PSP’s lack of a second analog stick. This game takes the typical Navy SEALs semi-realistic plot points of fictional terrorist groups and locations based on real locations and events, similar to Call of Duty. Full online mulitiplayer, co-op, and customiztion of the story mode makes this a very well rounded PSP game. I was a little worried when I found out that Zipper is no longer making these games, and that Socom as a whole has been passed on to Slant 6. However, unlike the PS3 counterpart, this PSP game delivers what you expect from a 3rd person shooter on the PSP. Check out the free demo on the Playstation Store.
Thank you Ryan for the insightful guest commentary. Moving on to our last software notable:

-Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/PC-
Aliens vs. Predator comes to us from the developers at Rebellion Studios. This FPS offers a new tale in the AVP universe from 3 different perspectives: humans, aliens, and predators. Who’d of guessed, right? As a human you’ll use mostly guns to combat both aliens and predators. Predators use their signature weapons such as wrist blades, throwing discs, and shoulder mounted energy guns. The aliens stand out just a little. They are able to explore environments more freely by running on walls and ceilings and is a melee fighter with no weapons other than it’s body.
That’s it for this week’s notable software. Stay tuned in a couple of days when I’ll hopefully shake off my laziness and write up some Notable Digital releases.

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