Notable Software: 10/4 – 10/10

October 5th, 2009 -

The blog is receiving an extensive overhaul and by extension so are my duties with the weekly releases. As you may (or may not) have noticed all software and digital releases are now located off to the right so check there to see if anything peaks your interests. Another innovation to the weekly releases comes in the form of this weekly post: Notable Releases. What this means for you is that I’ll be exploring a couple of releases each week, going a little more in depth, giving a sort of “preview” to some of the games. This is designed to peak your interest into releases you otherwise may have overlooked. I will strive to keep a fair balance of mainstream and less known titles out there (pending what each week allows of course). As for this week well there are these:

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-PlayStation 3-
Though I haven’t read up much on Afrika, it does seem like an interesting game. A game developed by Rhino Studios, you assume the role of a photojournalist and go on specific missions to capture animals with your camera. The game can be compared to Pokémon Snap (Nintendo 64) and Endless Ocean (Wii). The objective being to take good pictures of animals (Snap) and then benefiting from that afterwords with upgrades to your equipment (Ocean). If you were into the two titles listed above check this out. It should be a nice change of pace.

-PlayStation 3-
A dark fantasy themed RPG developed by Atlus, Demon’s Souls is another interesting title this week. This game allows you to customize your own character and then be thrown into a world being devoured by darkness. The player is also free to utilize a large array of weapons, with gameplay changing with what they choose. Demon’s Souls also boasts some pretty interesting online features. Your specific game world runs simultaneously with others who own the game. Players will be able to leave notes for others to find, bloodstains splattered across the ground actually allow to view how a friend died, you can even weave yourself into someone else’s game and be there opponent. Very interesting indeed. Definitely worth looking into.

From developer Tale of Tales, Fatale is a game based off the legend of Salomé, or rather Oscar Wilde’s 1896 play. In the play, Salomé falls in love with John the Baptist, in turn causing him to be executed when John rejects her. The game will allow you to unfold events through the emotions of the characters involved with the story. I would check this out if you like French plays, as that is where the title’s origins lie.

Developed by Nintendo as a follow up to the original Wii Fit, this title ended up being more of a slight upgrade. Plus contains all of the original’s different modes while adding in a customizable training mode. There a few new features as well, the first being stated above, the second being able to weigh your small children and family pets. This is a definite check out if you want to add a little bit of extra something to your Wii Fit routine. Plus is also replacing the original in stores with it’s bundle, which will be a Plus for new adopters.

That’s it for this week. I hope I have intrigued someone into trying something new. Be on the lookout for a Demon’s Souls review by Jason sometime within the next week or two. Join me at the end of the week for Notable Downloadables.

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