Notable Downloadables: 10/4 – 10/10

October 9th, 2009 -

Along the same lines as the Notable Software post I’ll be running every Sunday, Notable Downloadables is a look at what some of the online stores have to offer. So with out much delay let’s jump right in. 

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-Wii Shop Channel-

Releasing on Nintendo’s Virtual Console is an RPG classic. The original Final Fantasy that stared it all. A traditional turn based RPG; the game begins as the four warriors of light are charged with the rescue of Princess Sara from the clutches of defecting knight Garland. After the rescue of the Princess the four Warriors find out that they are destined for even greater deeds. This comes highly recommended if you were looking for a decent challenge or if you were just looking into starting the Final Fantasy series.

-Xbox LIVE Marketplace-

XBLA get’s a dose of comedic genius this week with South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play! As the title suggests, this is a tower defense based around the crazy town of South Park. Follow Stan, Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, and many other playable characters as they progress through wave after wave of enemies to save their town. How will they save South Park you ask? Why, with snowballs of course! Yes, hurl snowballs at many groups of adversaries including ginger kids, homeless people, and the dreaded Mongolians. It’s just all a day in the life of South Park.

-PlayStation Network-Critter Crunch is a puzzle game where you take up the role of Biggs, a cute little forest dwelling creature who has a big appetite for other critters. The game involves using Biggs’ tongue to set up a food chain in which the player must launch smaller critters toward larger ones. Biggs then consumes the larger critters, all the while clearing the screen and making him full.

-Multi-Available for both the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and now the PlayStation Network, the fourth and fifth DLC packs for Fallout 3 are something to behold. Point Lookout allows you to go beyond the wastes to a swampland filled with mutated country folk. An absolute creep fest for sure! Mothership Zeta also takes you away from the wastes, or should I say off planet Earth? Yes, Zeta follows the lone wanderer as he is abducted by aliens. It’s up to him/her to fight their way off the ship and back to the planet surface.

That’s it for this week. Join me on Sunday for “Notable Software: 10/11 – 10/17″.

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