Notable Digital Releases: Week of 3/21 – 3/27

March 27th, 2010 -

Leading off from my last post about not being lazy, I’ve decided to post a “Notable” for the digital releases this week as well. Hopefully this will be a continuing thing from me. This ‘do this’ thing!

Nintendo Shop Channel
Cave Story was released this week on WiiWare. Basically it’s an 8 Bit action/platformer that draws inspiration from such classics as Castlevania, Megaman, and Metroid. So if your looking for a great throwback title to play this would be it. Pricing is set at 1200 Nintendo Points ($12).
Jason: The game was actually released in 2004 for PC and was updated/ported to the Wii with updated graphics and music. The option to play the game without the updates is available as well. In addition to the core game, new features have been added including a Boss Rush mode, Time Attack mode, and the option of playing the story with the female counterpart to Quote.
Xbox LIVE Marketplace
All five pieces of the Fallout 3 DLC is on sale this week on the XBLM. They are priced at 400 Microsoft Points ($5) each. So if you you’ve finished the main game and want more content, go on a spending spree now! Within the five DLC packs you’ll embark on a journey to help the Outcasts with their problems in Operation: Anchorage. In The Pitt you will infiltrate a large slaver facility in the Pittsburgh ruins. Next up, Broken Steel will raise your level cap to 30 as well as add more to the main story. Point Lookout takes you to the swamps of Maryland to deal with a cult and an old rivalry between ghouls. And finally, Mothership Zeta takes the fight into earth’s orbit. Go pick em’ up today.
PlayStation Network
Blue Toad Murder Files Episodes 1-3 hit this week on the PSN. These episodes will have you questioning townspeople and investigating murders similar to the Professor Layton series. With puzzles in this series having a particularly close link to the story, you will have to pay attention to what you are doing. The game even quizzes you from time to time about what you have done to make sure you are indeed paying attention. Pick these up today if you are a fan of murder mysteries/puzzle games. Pricing is set at $7.49 per episode and a bundle of all three is available for $14.99.

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