My Notable Software: Week of 5/16 – 5/22

May 16th, 2010 -

So this week sees the release of a lot of games. I mean, we’ve got Alan Wake, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Red Dead Redemption, Trauma Team (ZAPPY GUNS!!!!), and the long awaited/highly anticipated Shrek Forever After (you know you want it). So let’s do this thing!


Yeah, I’m not in the mood right now to talk about any of those things, so let’s talking about some stuff I’ve been playing over the last week.

PlayStation 3:
Haven’t been playing this much, but just enough to get to the first dungeon (and get stuck of course). Well, that and to make my player character a giant walking, sword toting penis. Yup, that’s right, I made a giant dick in this game to play as. I’m sure I’m not the only one. If you made any awesome characters, send us a link in an email at

Anyway 3D Dot is a throwback title of the Zelda type adventure games of year’s past and an overall tribute to the genre itself. If you want to feel nostalgic, go pick this bad boy up now. I’ve heard the the difficulty can be pretty merciless at times, but I haven’t made it far enough into the game to tell though. Look forward to a review of this game by Jason. He’s been playing the dots out of this game.

So I got Steam again the other day, and I downloaded this amazing game once again. I really did forget how fun it is to “Ride your music”. While the ten dollar price tag is a little steep, it’s totally worth it when you can rock any song on your computer in a visual orgasm. Mmmmmmmmmmm AudioSurf! What the game actually does is take a track, analyze it, and plot a course based on the information from that track. The game boasts three basic game modes and about 11 advanced game modes for you to dabble in. So get out there and ride your music!
Speaking of Steam, I am once again thinking with portals as well as cake. It might be a lie… I’m not sure though. Anyway, Portal is free until the 25th of May to celebrate the Mac getting 5 valve games to play on their Steam client. The offer is good on Windows too, so go talk to GLaDOS to get your copy with complimentary cake. For those that don’t know, Portal is a puzzle games that presents the “think outside the box” type of puzzles for you to solve. You have to solve them with portals, which means that some of the solutions can be downright insane. I urge all to take advantage of the price of $free while it lasts.
PlayStation 3:
If you’re looking for a solid RPG, then don’t buy Final Fantasy XIII. “You run down hallways only to get a 13 minute cutscene that offers little to no story, only then to be returned to the same hallway, to then take another 3 steps to…” says TRG’s Ryan, but that’s beside the point. I’ll be playing this game over the next few weeks along with my next game on this list. Hopefully I’ll find more time for this one, but who knows. So far though, I am really enjoying WKC; especially while being drunk and playing with three of my friends. Ah, great times!

What WKC offers is more of the traditional RPG gameplay you’d expect from a title like this, which is a very good thing. To say WKC plays like FFXI did (my intial reaction to the game) is an incorrect assumption. This game plays the way XI should have been. I love the active turned-based system in this game. Plus the ability to make combo’s from you acquired skills is a plus. I can now perform the “Shoes!” attack. The game also features an online mode which lets you adventure with up to three friends while doing missions or 12 if you just want to chill at a friend’s town. Don’t skip out on this one.

I’ve fallen off the wagon only to be run over by another wagon full of current WoW players. They picked me up to tend to my wounds and took $15 for medical expenses. Oh, and on a side note, I’ve started playing WoW again. Well not yet, tomorrow though. Yeah, the good-ish times of wondering why I love Azeroth so much are back; only this time with triple EXP! WOOT, or should I say, DING!
Well, that’s what I’m playing this week. Next week may be another story though. We all know how indecisive I am. I may cave and get PoP this week, we’ll see. I also now realize how much of a rant this has become, so I’ll be going now. See you tomorrow for the Nintendo Shop Channel update. Bye!


Weekly updates? 3D Dot Game Heroes… and uh, I don’t really care about it. Now read about games that are OLD!! BWAHAHAHAH

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