I Don't Wanna Be Without My Hands!

January 21st, 2010 -

So with Final Fantasy XIII about a month and a half away from being released here in the states, I am starting to get that “OMG A NEW FF!!!!!!” feeling in my bones. Now before the most recent trailer I wasn’t to excited for this game.

I figured this would be another mundane Final Fantasy game that would try new things and fail. Though as time has progressed, more and more trailers have been released, and with them, my interest began to slowly grow. Each new trailer brought something new to the table. Whether it was the awesome cinematics, great voice acting, interesting looking gameplay, or the steadily immersible world; these trailers were starting to get me hooked. The newest trailer for the game however, has me hooked on a piece of music. The theme for the NA version of the game: My Hands by Leona Lewis. After hearing this song and seeing the amazing presentation brought with it, I am floored by how well this song fits with the game.

Now doing my normal scouring of the net, I’ve been coming across a lot of negative discussion about the song’s inclusion into this game. Why? I really don’t understand it. I admit when I heard that a song from Leona Lewis was going to be used as the theme I scoffed and thought it would be a bad idea. Still, I reserved my judgment until I heard it. I can also understand if pop isn’t your thing, but still, give it a chance. I’ve seen so many people post and say they won’t even listen to it because it’s “crap” to them. Why the blind hate? If you don’t like it, don’t put down Square-Enix for choosing it. It doesn’t hinder your ability to play a great looking game.

It’s already been stated that I can’t wait for this game. It’s an entry into the franchise that will do well (at least I hope). In this final paragraph I urge those reading to at least give this awesome song a chance. It’s a great addition to a fantastic set of Final Fantasy themes. Don’t be narrow minded about it, you may end up loving it as I have started to. To Leonharfs: come on man, it’s awesome, admit it. Anyway my rant/post is complete. Enjoy the song all and be excited. For in a few short weeks we’ll have a new Fantasy to play through.


My hands, they only agree to hold
Your ใกใ‚“ใ“, and they don’t want to be without

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