cbreem's Playbacks: February 2010

February 3rd, 2010 -

While I do the occasional article or two on the blog, my responsibilities don’t really expand past doing the weekly new releases; however, with this monthly segment I hope that will change just a little bit. cbreem’s Playbacks is a monthly segment where I will be picking a game from my library that is either an older title or one that I have never completed. I will then write about my experiences here on the blog. To find out more, hit the jump.


So this month I’ve decided to delve back into the realm of the PlayStation 2 to an RPG from developer Level 5. Dragon Quest VIII was the first game of the series I was exposed to, and in the course of all my gaming goodness back in the day, it kind of fell by the wayside.

Well it’s February 2010, a good 4-5 years since I originally picked up the game, and now I’m going to finish it. Right now I’ve just restarted the game and am in the Alexandria region where you first meet Jessica. This is not that far into the game and so far I have nothing worthwhile to report on. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for periodic updates on my progress throughout the game (naturally that means spoilers). See you soon.

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