A Friendly Reminder!

September 27th, 2009 -

Hey everyone, just a friendly reminder that the PSP Go! comes out on Thursday 10/1/09! This new re-model for the PSP system looks to be a solid purchase for those wanting to go all digital. Retailing at $249.99, the Go! loses the UMD disc drive in favor of 16 GB’s of internal memory, sports a slide out design that allows for more comfort when playing, and adds bluetooth capabilities to the system for the first time. It’s time to Go! nuts for this awesome piece of hardware!

cbreem’s Ninja Edit:
The box for this thing is uber tiny. I mean, it is GameBoy Advance SP status. I can honestly say I’m getting that “giddy new system” feeling and cannot wait to try it out (assuming Fareo let’s me have a Go!). Alright enough with the Go! puns.

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