Sneaky Sneaky Beta Giveaway

October 24th, 2014 -


Have you heard of Sneaky Sneaky yet? It’s a turn-based stealth adventure game in a format that seems somewhat popular recently. It’s being created by Naiad Entertainment, and if you’ve never heard of them, it’s because this is their first title. Of course, this isn’t a dev team of rookies – we’ve got industry veterans from PopCap and Retro Studios working on this. Do I have your attention now? Awesome. So let’s talk about getting one of these games into your hands.

Being that this is a beta, the game isn’t finished. If you run into issues or have feedback about the game, it’d be awesome if you could let the developers know! If you get a key, I’ll give you the email for said feedback.

If you’d like to see info on the game, make sure to like the Facebook Page.

If you enter, you must be willing to offer up your email for the purposes of accountability. You won’t get in trouble for showing off the game or anything. You can stream it to your heart’s content, make videos with it, whatever you like. It’s probably so they can inform you of updates and whatnot.


So that’s it. I’ll be announcing the three winners tomorrow morning. Best of luck!

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