FFoP Top Tip: 3DS Button Config

December 21st, 2012 -

NES Controller

When you play an NES game on an NES, the controls are fine. B and A are right next to each other and everything just seems to work. Which is probably because, this is how the game was intended to be played.

 SNES Controller

Everything changes when you step into the SNES controller. Trying to play an NES game with a layout like the SNES controller becomes awkward. Trying to hold run while trying to jump at the same time, has you doing the “arthritic claw” technique. Which is why Nintendo changed the button config for Super Mario World from B/A to Y/B.


Fast forward to now. Attempting to Play the original NES Mario on the 3DS can be a bit of a pain, and to some people (like myself) a deal breaker. Which brings us to the Tip. Did you update your Mario? Assuming you’re an ambassador. If not, your e-shop copy is updated. There is a Hidden (not so hidden) button mapped. I don’t know why it never dawned on me to read the manual (probably because I’ve played this once or twice) or try pressing any of the other buttons after the update but, the X button now acts as the B button. What does that mean?

It means, if you prefer the SNES Mario layout like the picture above. ^ You can now use it like this …


This single button mapping has rekindled my attention for classic games on my 3DS. Before, Mario on my 3DS was like Mario on my phone. Yeah, its there and its kinda cool that I can play it whenever I want, but I would never play it seriously that way. This is no longer the case, I plan on doing a full run though of the original Mario Bros and I hope this helps you enjoy playing retro games on your 3DS as well.

Note: If you’re an ambassador, the games that have not received the update (the ones that don’t have an NES on the thumbnail) have not been updated with this feature yet.

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