FFoR: Gran Turismo Damage Debate

August 12th, 2010 -

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new segment called “Level Grinding,” which is more or less a Video Blog to accompany our written blog. This is an open forum segment for any of us to rant about things that really “grind out gears .. of war”… see what I did there? I’ve never done video blogging before, and this literally took me seven tries because of technical failures and a few operator errors. So here is our first entry into the Vlog world that we like to call Level Grinding.

Apparently I’m making the WHOOOOOOO! face here, thanks to YouTube’s random thumbnail generator.
Video Responses are welcome, and if your asking yourself “Why is it called Level Grinding?” Well, if you really wanna know, Email us at mailbag@fistfullofpotions.com and we will answer it on our weekly podcast. ;)
Thanks for watching, and tune in next time for a rant about how “Fanboism” is different in video games than in another culture like sports, automotive, etc.

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