EVO 2012 Wrap Up

July 11th, 2012 -

Another year, and another EVO has come and gone. For those of you who don’t know what EVO is, its the biggest gathering of fighting game talent in the world, for one huge tournament in Las Vegas. If that’s not enough info for you, check out this LINK. James and I took a couple days off this year, to watch the event unfold and what a year it was.

Hit the jump for some of the highlights of the finals from this year.


Dieminion was my hero this year, rocking a lower tier character and a personal favorite of mine; Guile. He unfortunately didn’t win but, to make it into the top 8 with Guile is impressive within itself. I’ll definitely be rooting for him next year.


Daigo Umehara is to Street Fighter as Tony Hawk is to Skateboarding. A lot of us were pretty set on him winning this year because he had been practicing so much but in a turn of events Gamerbee ended up knocking “The Beast” out.


In the Grand Finals Infiltration pretty much dominated and left us with a pretty uneventful ending. There is definitely technique to appreciate here but, we pretty much knew what was going to happen and it unfolded exactly like we expected.


On the Marvel vs Capcom side, we had probably the best tension building battle with the Grand Finals, where Filipino Champ came back from losers bracket and won the tournament. However, Not without a fight. Even if you don’t play Marvel vs Capcom, you can appreciate the tension in these fights. This was definitely the Highlight of this years event.


If you want to see all the win/lose brackets Shoryuken has a comprehensive list HERE.

Here’s hoping we can have live first hand coverage of this next year, as James and I hope to enter the 2013 tournament.

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