Photobombing E3 2011!

May 31st, 2011 -

With all of the press and media at E3, its almost certain that one of the 2 FFoP members attending, will get caught in the crossfire of someones camera and E3 content. In order to not waste the opportunity of free advertisement. We made Fist Full of Potions T-Shirts to wear at the event and Business cards to pass out. So without even trying, we will be advertising our blog on all of these major media outlets. But is 5 seconds of us walking by a camera really enough? Will people actually bother to read our shirts?

Probably not, so who should we bomb and how? Well we know that Sony is going to be live streaming the whole event to the PS Blog so its very possible¬† you might see us there. GameTrailers is another good possibility. G4 is a given, because they typically cover the entire event. When I went in ’08 I ended up on G4 by just walking by the camera accidentally. But the real question isn’t who we are going to be bombing but rather, how we should be bombing them.

Should we get a small piece of paper that says “PROBLEM?”, hold it below our head and make a meme face at one of the cameras? Should we do our rendition of the Yelle Safari Dance in the background? Purposely trip and fall, only to stand up and dust off our shirts facing the camera? So many possibilities, so many idea’s, but one thing is certain. If you are watching any E3 coverage this year, you’re going to see some FFoPin’ going on!

Post your ideas for photobombing in the comments below!

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