Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMix E3 Trailer Mysteries

June 5th, 2014 -

Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMix just got its E3 trailer released a few days ahead of the big show. It’s important to note that it contains some interesting things that fans will be sure to notice, but if not let me tell you.

The trailer begins by showing snippets from the first HD collection and then moves straight into the new stuff. We’re shown Sora about to battle The Lingering Sentiment, a suit of armor that Terra wears in Birth By Sleep. We get confirmation that at least some of the new scenes added in II Final Mix will be voiced in English, shown when Xemnas is talking to Aqua’s armor at 1:10. Next up, some clips of Birth By Sleep show us that capes are NOT being added in to Terra, Aqua, or Ventus’s armors. Sad, I know. Then we get some new scenes shown from Re:Coded, which will be presented in movie form much like 358/2 Days was in I.5. The Coded scenes also show us that a lot more Disney scenes will voiced in this, unlike Days before it. The trailer closes with a sizzle reel of a bunch of battling, like most KH trailers do. We’re left with a release date of December 2nd, 2014.

That’s not all though. Text appears on screen that says “The next act opens” and the screen flashes with scenes from the 3DS title Dream, Drop, Distance. This leads me to believe that that game may be included with, or at least announced to be coming out shortly after II.5. The last bit this trailer shows is a tease for Kingdom Hearts III. It alludes to the Keyblade War and the Lost Masters, plot elements that we already know about, but will learn more about in III.

All in all I’m super stoked this finally has a release date and can’t wait to play it on December 2nd.

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