E3 2011 Hands On With The God of War Origins Collection

June 16th, 2011 -

While meandering around the Sony booth at this year’s E3, we stumbled across a kiosk highlighting the new God of War Origins Collection for the PS3. So, does it size up to the series’ previous HD re-release?

Coming this September, the God of War Origins Collection bundles the two God of War games previously released on PSP and brings them to the PS3. Not only do the games sport new HD textures and trophies, they also now have the added advantages of a DualShock 3 controller.

When playing the game on the show floor, the first thing I noticed was the boost in visuals. Ghost of Sparta was the first game I played, and all I have to say is: WOW! The game has never looked so great. Going in I didn’t expect the greatest looking games, but what I actually got was something amazing. The environments stood out the most to me. More polish was added and they look truly fantastic for a PSP game on a PS3. Kratos looks just as good if not better than his PS2 collection model, and the animations all looked great with the game running at a steady frame rate. After seeing that, I was curious to see Chains of Olympus in action. When I loaded up the game, I was surprised to see the polish from Ghost of Sparta was diminished to some extent. Now I’m not saying the game looked bad, but I was kind of spoiled by the way Ghost of Sparta looked. Chains still ran and played as smoothly and still looked great, just not as great.

Which brings me to my next gripe. Control. Wait, control? “How can it play differently? It’s God of War.” Well yes, it still plays the same, but these are PSP games ported to a console. What does a PS3 controller have that a PSP doesn’t? Oh that’s right, a second analog stick. At the top of this article I mentioned the added benefit of the game now having DualShock support. While it does now support rumble, the most important thing to note is that dodge is now mapped to the right analog stick again. Like all other God of War games. The problem lies within the original design of the game. Since you had to hold L+R and push the analog nub when you wanted to dodge, Ready At Dawn added a slight lag or delay to the dodge animation on the PSP titles. This didn’t translate well into the console port. It’s still there. After playing all the other games where I can dodge with the slightest flick, I found it uncomfortable to actually have to yank the analog stick all the way in a certain direction just to dodge. It’s something I think needs to be re-tooled before release.

Other than that one gripe and the slight surprise on the state of Chains of Olympus, the games look and play amazingly. The fact that I played what seemed to be the full version on the show floor begs the question of why this isn’t out yet. It would be a wonderful title to have during the summer game drought. Just my thoughts though. God of War Origins Collection drops on September 13th 2011 with full 3D support. You know, if you like that kind of thing.

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