E3 2011 Kirby Wii Hands on impressions

June 14th, 2011 -

During our run through of Nintendo’s E3 booth, we got a chance to play the new Kirby game for the Wii. In short, Kirby Wii is the Super Smash Bros Brawl “Subspace Emissary” with Kirby characters. Even down to the way you die – if you fall off the bottom of the screen, you bounce back up doing a death animation. It is literally the same game. I could probably end this hands on right here if you played Brawl.

But all is not lost Kirby fans, the blatant use of the Smash Bros engine is not necessarily a bad thing. Brawl was a great game, and the co-op was a blast. This is still a Kirby game without a doubt, you still suck up enemies and take their power, floating and platforming your way to victory.  Everything that is “Kirby” is still there, and possibly even more “there” than compared to Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

A few things about multi-player to note: If Kirby dies, everyone dies. You can ride each others backs like New Super Mario Brothers. You can stack up to at least 3 people, and I’m assuming 4, but we didn’t try it. If Kirby has a fire power up, everyone else playing might as well put the controller down, because Kirby will annihilate anything on the screen. None of the other characters can pick up the power ups, only Kirby. In short, pick Kirby when playing with friends.

In the end, this game was actually fun. We played it with 2 other E3 attendees for some 4 player co-op that we failed miserably at (…stupid moving platforms). If you like Kirby, you’re gonna want to buy this. If you liked Super Smash Bros Brawl, your gonna want to buy this. If you like Nintendo’s core franchises, your gonna want to buy this. And finally, if you like Modern Warfare… I’m surprised you made it this far into this article… you may even want to buy this as well.


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