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February 10th, 2011 -

Over the last few months a lot has been happening behind then scenes here at Fist Full of Potions. To be fair, a lot of nothing has been happening as well. I’d like to take a moment and address the absence of a few features like the podcast, video blog, reviews, hang over games, and renowned classics.


  • The podcast is on hiatus until further notice. We will no longer be using our current feed and possibly switching servers. The podcast is definitely something we want to continue, however, it is on hold until further notice.

Reviews and other articles:

  • Rather than having a separate tag or a separate post for “Renowned Classics” and “Hangover Games”, they will now be a part of our individual columns. We enjoy writing these but, there is just not enough content for a separate page. As of right now Reviews will also be handled the same way.

Fist Full of Rants:

  • The video blog stopped because I had to move, and currently don’t have anywhere setup to record at the moment. This is also something we would like to continue, but for now, we are focused on other projects.

So if we aren’t working on these, then what are we working on? Lately a lot of focus has been put on written articles and blog design. We are in the final stages of switching over to our new blog design and word press. This project has been the big reason why a lot of these features have been absent from the blog. In lieu of the absence of these other features, we have been writing more articles in hopes that it will keep the spirit of the blog alive. Thank you to everyone who has been sticking with us through this and we hope to get full of potions back in full swing soon.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please email them to

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