So Maybe It Isn't PSP Go Exclusive…

October 4th, 2009 -


Does it really deter from the fact that the option is there for the system? Just because it has existed for this long doesn’t mean that they didn’t place it there in advance knowing this would happen. Perhaps Sony implemented it as a digital rental service such as Netflix does with movies on the 360, or such as with the movie store portion of the PSN. Really, why not? It’s a good way for Sony to make money off of their games, it’d go directly to them opposed to retailers, and maybe they could have an option to download the whole game (similar to that idea Molyneux had with giving the first “episode” of Fable for free instead of a demo). It’d definitely help with the digital distribution of games; the only blatant issue is the space it would take up.

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With PSP games this isn’t so much of an issue, since they run about a gigabyte at the most, so this system would work out beautifully for the Go (being that you have 14 GBs of free space out of the box). But a PS3 game would take up substantially more space depending on the game, so a rental digitally may be in separate parts to save space (or maybe have different types of downloads: bigger files for less load times?).

This is all speculation of course, but it’s interesting to consider that Sony may be doing something substantial with digital media in terms of making more use of expiration dates. It only makes sense, because not everyone wants to buy a game they aren’t sure about. It’s why renting games exists… and why buy it if you can beat it in the time of a rental? Unless they intend on putting a demo out for just about every game, this seems like a plausible option for Sony. I don’t rent games simply because I am too lazy to get a game and beat it in a week just to take it back, but if I can do it from home and not have to go to a store… I might consider it. I might even rent the games I wouldn’t normally play, so yeah; Sony could make some money off of this.

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