Is this a new Mortal Kombat Movie?

June 8th, 2010 -

If you pause it during the flashes on the screen when Sonya tells Scorpion that Subzero is still alive you see this.

An interesting take on Subzero. I can only assume that they are going with the “Mr Freeze” route of him having to stay at a lower temperature. And the thing on his face feeds him cool air? I don’t know, this hole thing is fucked up and crazy… but in a good way… sorta… I think.


Assuming this is a movie and assuming they are swapping magic and super powers for birth defects and mental illness, I’m at a loss as to either claim blasphemy or praise it. On one hand, the characters look nothing like the video game counter parts aside from Jax, or “Jacks,” I guess. On the other hand, trying to not be a MK fanboy about perfect costumes and super powers, this totally gets the underlining essence of MK and looks fucking bad ass.

As far as this being real, it’s too early to tell. We know there has been a MK movie in the works for some time now. Ed Boon (co-founder of Mortal Kombat) has said recently that “the fans want a M rated MK, so lets give them one,” and with E3 just days away, the timing would be right for hype. The You Tube account that posted this video is “MortalKombatRebirth,” who joined You Tube on the 5th; 3 days ago. This is also  the only video on the account. Given the plot line in this… I guess we will call it a “film” for now. Leads to a larger plot than a short fan film, and almost seems like the opening scene from a Hollywood movie. With the account name hinting at rebooting MK as a whole, this could also mean a new movie with a new take on old characters, as well as a new game with the same story and just a new MK franchise as a whole. Which couldn’t come at a better time given the failed success from the last few MK games. Hopefully more will be shown or spoken about at E3, starting on the 14th in about 6 days.

I am a pretty big MK fan, and I think I enjoy the mythos behind the games more then the games themselves at times. I liked the first MK movie because you got to journey around the different realms and it made you feel immersed in the world of MK (aside from the shotty acting and plot holes). This throws out almost all the mythos for a better grasp on the dark underlying point to MK. At first glance it leaves me frustrated because this means, no outworld, no fireballs, no ice balls, and most of the back stories for each of the characters have been completely rewritten, such as Baraka. The original back story for Baraka could never exists in a realistic movie, so they had to take a different approach to it. It’s a little strange that they went with a doctor and that his costume consists of a lab coat and face piecing though… As well as the fact that Reptile looks more like an Asian burn victim. This isn’t Mortal Kombat, this is Saw meets CSI meets Silence of the lambs…WTF.

But then I’m reminded of The Dark Knight. The Joker didn’t have white skin, and he wasn’t some “cartoony” criminal master mind. He was a sick, sadistic, lunatic who painted his face because Bruce put on a mask and did things just to do them rather then steal money to be rich. The Dark Knight didn’t get the joker right from a fanboy “I’ve read every comic book, and that doesn’t look like the joker” perspective. However, the essence, the core idea of what the Joker represents, was done better then any other batman film. Same being said for Dr. Crane (Scarecrow) in the first film. So if this film is a new direction for a video game reboot or a movie reboot, it seems like out of anything done to date (aside from maybe the first couple games) this is going to get the core idea of what Mortal Kombat really is so right. We will most likely forget and forgive the back story and costume errors.

Please, OH PLEASE, let this be more then a fan film.

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