Improvements: We Have Them

September 21st, 2009 -


As you may have noticed, this blog hasn’t moved much in the past month. In fact, it hasn’t done much of anything other than sit here and collect dust, hopes, and dreams. But let it be known that we are diligently preparing our first official pod cast to be posted on the site, and things have taken an upwind in our lives. Or mine at least. School started back up, and despite my constantly being on the computer, it often times does not lead me to this site. I decided the readers needed reassurance that we hadn’t gone under and we are working to bring a bigger and better site to everyone. We’ve done about 6 pod casts as of the post date of this, and have been consistent in doing 1 a week. Our first one will more than likely be a “best of” the test ones we keep recording. Hope to have it up within the next couple weeks, because we need to make up for all the lack of posting that has transpired… Hope to talk to you all again soon, say┼Źnara.

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