Happy Holidays from The Retail Gamer

December 24th, 2009 -

Things have been rather hectic at work (I swear, if someone says ” ’tis the season” to me one more time, I’m gonna ’tis my fist up their seasons….), and the blog has been neglected… I’m not gonna sugar coat it. We have been working our asses off; playing all the holiday games/DLC meant we just couldnt be bothered to write anything right now. However, come January I expect new and big things for the blog. So those of you (the 3 people that have this link saved) that follow our blog, “stay tuned” as the say, because TRG will resume normal broadcasting after the new year. And maybe we will even get a regular podcast going… huh, huh? Maybe? We’ll see.

I hope everyone (including the staff) has a Happy Holiday and I hope everyone gets everything they asked for.. unless you asked for a
zhu zhu pet, in which case, fuck you…
This is Ryan (and Jason’s edits :p) for the TRG team saying until next year.. see what I did there? Yeah I know; cheese, right? … Whatever …

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