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February 23rd, 2011 -

E3 is nearly upon us yet again, and the expectations of this year’s event are no exception to the last. With Sony announcing the NGP earlier this month, and Nintendo launching the 3DS in March, there is going to be plenty of handheld content to write about. E3 is a time of excitement for gamers, as new products are announced and new details on eagerly awaited software titles are revealed. However, it’s also crunch time for anyone in the video game press industry – someone has to bring you all of that news, and that someone should be none other than us.

About a year ago I made a promise to myself and my team, that we would shoot for attending E3 in 2011, and thanks to Kmart and their generous competition, this promise has come closer to reality. The ability to attend E3 as press and report on the event would not only be a dream come true, but more importantly prove that we as a team have the talent to make our mark on this industry. Becoming the next Joystiq or Kotaku or Destructoid is not some over night process, and we have all worked extremely hard to obtain our goals.

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Our bread and butter is undoubtedly our Podcast. I had no idea we were this entertaining. Landing an interview with Super Meat Boy creators Edmund Mcmillens and Tommy Refnes, and also Johnathan Lavigne has given us a great understanding of the Q&A process of an interview. Later this month we have the honored opportunity to interview the creator of “Super Mario Bros Crossover”, Jay Pavlina, something that we are extremely excited about. Attending E3 would be an excellent opportunity to expand our podcast. Recording over skype at the event while the news is happening would be a opportune learning experience. Gaming as a whole has been a big part of my life, and I continue to see it being an even bigger part in the future. Video game journalism is still growing every year, with its industry growing equally. This is a business that is here to stay, and something we want to be a part of for years to come.

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There is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t attend E3 this year, and if fate shall decide that Kmart chooses someone else, I will press on and continue to look for other ways to attend or cover this event. We have a powerful new site, plenty of determined man power, and enough social networking to really get this machine rolling. If you are reading this from the Kmart Blog staff, I hope you will strongly consider Fist Full of Potions when making your final cut. While you’re thinking it over, why not have a listen to our weekly podcast?

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