EVO '10 was so Crazy that…

July 14th, 2010 -

How crazy was it?

Evolution is a yearly gathering of the best fighting game players in the country, and sometimes beyond. Located in the city of sin (Las Vegas), people gather to play, win, promote, and more importantly… spectate. If this is your first time hearing about Evo and you’re thinking “I like Street Fighter, and I’m close to Vegas… this would be fun, but it’s probably expensive…” well buddy, you’re in luck – this shit is free (so get your ass out there next year). This is, for the most part, a Street Fighter Tournament. However, other fighting games make an appearance as well. If you think you’re good at Street Fighter or similar fighting games, then Vegas is the place to show it… and this year, lots of folks did.

More notably is that this is the final year Marvel vs Capcom 2 will be featured. Only to be replaced by (none other than) Marvel vs Capcom 3! It should be interesting to see everyone adapt new strategies to an all new game again.
As I was “causally” watching the live coverage, I was drawn back in by the excitement of a certain fan. Apparently, the Marvel vs Capcom 2 tournament was getting so intense that one of the spectators felt the need to wear his shoe as a hat. It took him a few seconds to get balanced; clearly not as cozy as a beanie.
This kid is either off his rocker about Marvel vs Capcom, or he was trying to get some shameless attention. Either way, we tip our shoes to you good sir. May your EVO ’10 photo bombings live on forever.
For those of you interested in the final results of EVO ’10, Eventhubs has a nicely laid out recap that can be found right HERE.

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