Did You Get Undead Knights For Free?

October 4th, 2009 -

I did, and I had no idea I even had it. The night before the PSP Go launched Sony updated the store way early (at around 11pm on Wednesday). I happened to cruise by the PlayStation blog and I noticed the store was updated, so I got on the PS3 and started downloading stuff (even though I didn’t have the “Go” yet). I figured I could background download everything I wanted while I slept.

Got my Go loaded with everything on it, fumbled around with it and finally got to Undead Knights. I originally downloaded the demo because Chris said it looked cool. I thought it was a PS3 game because it just said demo on the icon, but apparently when I clicked it, it said “PSP game;” as in the whole game. My first impressions from playing it led me to be rather uninterested. It plays like a slower/clunkier dynasty warriors, with zombies. It’s hard to explain this game without it sounding cool; let me show you.

You pick your character (the guy I picked looked like Nightmare from Soul Calibur with a huge sword, of course) and then the story talks about some epic tale of blood.. got bored and skipped it.. and then you can mash on square and triangle kind of like God of War to attack the waves of enemies. If you press circle you can turn any foe into a zombie and now they work for you; potentially you could turn the whole lot of bad guys (even though it seems like your the bad guy fighting the good guys) into zombie warriors.

Sounds rad right? False. When the demo goes live again, I’d suggest downloading that first if you were looking into getting this. It just feels cheap and hollow… or maybe I’m just being a dick? Who knows? So if you’re bummed that you missed out on a free game, don’t be. It was free and I’m not even sure I’m gonna play it. Had this been something more interesting like Ratchet and Clank or Gran Turismo, I’d laugh in your pity but this is more like state of emergency with zombies…

First Impression?

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Also, thank you to “Punk” on OT for originally bringing to my attention that I had the full game.

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