Club Nintendo: February Update

February 11th, 2013 -


This months free games include a couple of DSiWare games, an N64 game and a SNES game.

  • Bird & Beans (100 coins)

If Angry Birds and Missile Command had a love child, Bird & Beans would be it. To be honest, I’ll probably pass on this one as the quality of the game looks poor and repetitive, even for a puzzle game. However, if you love Missile Command and you don’t mind the angry birds like art style, check it out.

  • Metal Torrent (150 coins)

A classic “shmup” (aka top down shooter) similar to Ikaruga or 1942. If you’re a fan of shmups and you have a ton of spare coins, I’d say that this looks like a decent time waster. I am considering getting it.

  • Paper Mario 64 (200 coins)

Originally released on the N64, Paper Mario is a highly revered Mario themed RPG. There is a good chance that most of you reading this already own it in some fashion. On the off chance that you’re like me, who has never played this (having never owned a 64) and you like RPG’s, this is pretty much a no-brainer at the cost of free.

  • Kirby’s Super Star (150 coins)

Originally released on the Super Nintendo, Kirby’s Super Star is a classic platforming game. Kirby games are almost always great and this is no exception. The gameplay is like an odd mixture of Mario, Mega Man and Zelda all rolled up in a cute little pink ball. I love these games, but I’ll probably skip it since I can play SNES games on just about everything I own… except my 3DS. I’m looking at YOU Nintendo …


What is Club Nintendo?

Club Nintendo is Nintendo’s rewards program for registering your hardware and software. You simply go to the URL, create an account and start punching in your serial numbers. For each item you register, you get a set number of coins. Coins can be spent on free games offered each month, or an array of other cool Nintendo shwag. Always remember to register your Nintendo products. It helps you get more Nintendo products, for free!

How do I get coins?

You receive coins for registering your Nintendo games or hardware. You can also obtain coins by doing surveys about the games you have played or Nintendo services. Surveys are distributed randomly so check back frequently. If you tie your eShop accounts to your club Nintendo account, you’ll receive coins for the digital purchases you make as well. So each time you buy something off the eShop, check your club Nintendo for a survey.

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