• News of a Broken Age

    01 Oct 2015

    This is going to be short, but sweet for you lovers of Point and Click games and Double Fine. First of all, the documentary following the development of Broken Age just released on Steam for the first time, and is 66% off! The game itself is also 66% off, for those that don’t yet have […]

  • Telltale’s Game of Thrones Ep. 3

    23 Mar 2015

    The third episode is out tomorrow, so what better way to celebrate than to watch the trailer? At this rate, it seems GoT will be finished up before Tales from the Borderlands, the other series Telltale is currently working on (ep. 2 came out last week). Have you been enjoying this format of the series? […]

  • MultiTap Podcast: Episode 15 (EXPLICIT)

    17 Feb 2015

      Piper, Irene, and Chris are back for another time around the mic: Saying our “hellos,” and addressing VERY much fanmail. Thank you so so much! Having another riveting round of trivia, just like you like it!! Talk about fan service in the gaming industry, using our recent favorite, Final Fantasy XIV as a model!!! Recording this […]

  • MultiTap Podcast: Episode 14 (EXPLICIT)

    19 Jan 2015

      Piper, Irene, Aaron, and Chris rock the mic as a group once again, and bring you quality radio, including, but not limited to: Doing some trivia! Discussing our top 3 games that should never have been in a series. Convincing Aaron to play Final Fantasy XIV with us!!! !Entertaining what it might mean to be a legitimate “gamer,” […]

  • Pure Pool Cues Up

    07 Nov 2014

    The lovely folks at VooFoo (Hustle Kings, Pure Chess) are releasing their game Pure Pool on Xbox One next Friday, November 14th, for $10. If you’ve never played one of their games, they’re about as good as it gets without being the real thing. You don’t just get the table with the balls – you […]

  • Dying Light’s Asymmetric Multiplayer

    02 Oct 2014

    There’s been a trend lately in (upcoming) games, and that trend is multiplayer that involves 3 to 4 against 1. Evolve comes to mind, with a set of four hunters going after the evolving creature. Announced today, Dying Light will feature a mode that includes this gameplay element, with you being a super powered night […]

  • MultiTap Episode 8: Part the Second (EXPLICIT)

    21 Jul 2014

      Piper, Aaron, Irene, and Chris are back, eatin’ ice tacos and dipping starfish in chocolate. Join  for the second bit of the episode as they: Review absolutely no listener mail! Begin trivia anew!! Talk about comic book cards!!! And do impersonations after Aaron’s Who Would Win!!!! Recording this show is our favorite thing… ever… […]

  • MultiTap Episode 7 (EXPLICIT)

    23 Jun 2014

      You guys, we got the band back together. Join Piper, Aaron, Irene, and Chris once again, in glorious full regalia, as we: Listener Mail (Piper was ecstatic) E3 thoughts and overview Main Topic: Arcade Culture And, as always, Who Would Win!? Recording this show is our favorite thing… ever… and we are fueled by […]

  • MultiTap Episode 6 (EXPLICIT)

    29 May 2014

      So, we hate to say this again, but unfortunately Irene was gone, so we replaced her. Lol. Temporarily, again, but Ryan from Fist Full was kind enough to spot in!! Have a lovely listen while we: Trivia with Aaron at the wheel! Give some suggestions to Nintendo about the future!! Discuss and refer the chief games on our backlogs!!! Bring […]

  • The Harmonix Show

    21 May 2014

    Hey boys and girls, I know you’ve at least heard about Amplitude being kickstarted within these past couple weeks, because if you haven’t, you clearly don’t follow us or follow video games on Twitter. In any case, today Harmonix will be doing a telethon to raise money while streaming (most definitely OG Amplitude, but maybe […]

  • MultiTap Episode 5 (EXPLICIT)

    12 May 2014

      So, here’s the thing guys. Unfortunately, Aaron was gone, so we replaced him. Don’t worry, it was temporary! But please give a warm welcome to Mike Gillogley for one episode only!! Also, apologies for the muffley sound quality: We recorded in my garage, which is essentially a glorified barn. Those acoustics were… interesting. Have […]

  • MultiTap Episode 4 (EXPLICIT)

    28 Apr 2014

      This episode was our “short cast,” since we apparently didn’t have time, yet cranked out a 2-hour episode anyway… Including, but not limited to: Bringin’ back instruction manuals! Top 3 “game realms!” Squaresoft Trivia And, as always: Who Would Win (in a fight…?)!!!! Recording this show is our favorite thing… like ever… and we […]

  • Fist Full of Giveaways #3

    24 Mar 2014

    a Rafflecopter giveaway Games guys. Free games. All Steam keys.   Vanguard Princess Party of Sin Major Mayhem AirBuccaneers Not the Robots Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold – Ep 1 CreaVures Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine Journey Down: Ep 1

  • Fist Full of Giveaways #2!

    03 Mar 2014

    Games to be given include: Zeno Clash 1 and 2 Vox Deponia Gun Monkeys Hero of the Kingdom Guacamelee! Gold Edition Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages Cubetractor Nuclear Dawn Rock of Ages Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams a Rafflecopter giveaway I heard you can even do the tweet option each day to add to your […]

  • It’s Another Gaaaaaaame Giveaway!

    14 Feb 2014

    Well, it’s looking like we have some more games to give to you, our adoring fans. This time around, the pack includes the following: Syberia 1 & 2 Finding Teddy Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate Not the Robots Arcane Worlds And Yet it Moves Dear Esther And who knows? Maybe another will be added. So what are […]

  • Podcast Episode 126

    18 Nov 2013

    It’s PS4 time!!! Is Humble Bundle not humble? PS4 stream, Nintendo Direct news, Microsoft bits! Jason plays things! See ya next week!

  • Humble Bundle PSA

    31 Oct 2013

    For those of you that like to buy bundles to get extra keys to give away (or sell, as you aren’t supposed to), you can no longer do that with Humble Bundle (at least with the weekly this time around). They used to give out individual keys for each game, and the past few bundles […]

  • Podcast: E3 2013 Predictions

    08 Jun 2013

    We discuss the ways in which, we will distribute our E3 content. All The Price Drops! ___gate ’13 will be a disaster… Is this the year that we finally get Final Fantasy VII HD? See ya next week!

  • Kings of the Mercenaries Taking Your Consoles

    03 Jun 2013

    Remember when we told you about Mercenary Kings? They had a kickstarter, it looked amazing, and we told you to donate money. You know, the game that resembled Metal Slug. In any case, with E3 coming up in only a week, I got to thinking about what games I’m most excited about. And wouldn’t you […]

  • This Black Tower Needs Support

    28 May 2013

    So, you’re a fan of the JRPGs from the days of the PS1. You wish you could play more stuff like Final Fantasy VII-IX, Xenogears, Chrono Cross, The Legend of Dragoon, etc… Well, you’re in luck. While I would tell you all about it right here, the project is explained in enough detail on its […]

  • Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine Official Trailer

    18 Apr 2013

    For those that haven’t heard of it yet, Monaco is a class based thief game which involves you trying to carry out the perfect heist – either with your friends, strangers, or by yourself.  As you’d expect, each class/character is best at doing certain “thiefy” tasks: the locksmith can unlock doors faster, the lookout can […]

  • Farewell LucasArts

    04 Apr 2013

    With the recent news of LucasArts closing down, I’ve done some thinking on what they’ve made in the past couple decades. And while it sucks to see a company close and people put out of work (ILM also lost people because of it), it’s being done for a reason. Disney is a business, and despite […]

  • Podcast Episode 100, Coming Soon!

    27 Mar 2013

    Hello Fisters, I know that you are all eagerly awaiting the release of our 100th episode. We can’t wait for you to see (hear?) what kind of shenanigans we have in store for you but, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. We need a little extra time to get everything right (this is […]

  • Let’s Play: Pokemon Fire Red Part 2 (Textual)

    07 Feb 2013

  • Let’s Play: Pokemon Fire Red Part 1 (Textual)

    04 Feb 2013