• Did you miss the Destiny Beta Moon Event?

    13 Aug 2014

    Towards the end¬†of the beta for Destiny, Bungie opened up the Moon for everyone. Tons of people got a chance to experience the first mission on the Moon but, FFoP took that¬†exploration to the next level. Former FFoP member Travis and myself ran through just about all of the moon that was explorable. We spent […]

  • Little Big Planet 2

    17 Feb 2011

    There is a huge amount of content offered in LittleBigPlanet 2. One of the wonderful things I loved was LBP1 content you collected carried over into LBP2. Overall we have a well polished product that is worthy to sequel an amazing exclusive title.

  • A Sequel for a Prequel’s Sequel

    05 Feb 2011

    Here is what you should expect from my column: Final fantasy fanboyisms, game reviews, opinions, and theoretical ideas. I’m still working on a banner and those sorts of things so bear with me. So let’s move to today’s topic.

  • Long Time No Posts

    28 Jan 2011

    Hey internet! How are you doing? Still getting along with out me, eh?

  • What a curious feature……

    11 Sep 2010

    I was exploring the many sections ps3’s have under system settings and many various other options and something unexpected happened…. I found a very curious looking option called something like “restore hard drive to default settings”. I thought “HEY! I wonder what this does?” So I gave it a shot and tried it out. Ladies […]

  • StarCraft 2

    12 Aug 2010

    After all these years, the world is lucky enough to see a second installment of StarCraft. Blizzard, World Of WarCraft players devote their lives to you, and StarCraft players now worship you. Grab your mouse and keyboard, and be ready to have your interstellar mind blown, because we are about to team up with pure […]

  • Earthworm Jim HD

    05 Aug 2010

    So the Groovy fun begins. The game is pretty much the same as the original version, but it has been given a few tweaks – the health bar has been changed (for the better), and some sounds have been altered. The gameplay was fun and strange as usual, but that’s not to say it wasn’t […]

  • Bad Company 2: Onslaught

    31 Jul 2010

    So quite awhile back a new mode was brought to Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Onslaught mode is a co-op mission that brings intense combat to a squad of four. I recently purchased this download for $9.99, and it was definitely worth it. Your squad is pit up against armies of russians who have all the […]

  • The Phenomena of "Classic" Games

    25 Jun 2010

    What is it about older games that makes them stand out? Why is it that many of the older titles seem to be held at a higher standard? These are just a few of the ponderings I hope to cover. *WARNING* Be prepared to hear way too much Final Fantasy love.Final Fantasy IX was released […]

  • Dead Space 2 *Spoilers*

    13 Jun 2010

    So for those who read my post about Killzone 3, this is the same deal, but with Dead Space 2. Dead Space is such a detailed world that, in my opinion, sets the bar for future survival horrors. As some of you know, I am not much of a horror enthusiast. Thus, Dead Space is […]

  • Killzone 3 **SPOILER ALERT**

    05 Jun 2010

    Lately I have been roaming around the Internet browsing the newly released trailer, pictures, and the sparse videos posted about Killzone 3, and I am definitely excited.First off, if you have not yet beaten Killzone 2 and you do not want to spoil the ending, stop reading now. Also, if you have not beaten Killzone […]

  • Heavy Rain Chronicles : The Taxidermist

    18 Apr 2010

    WOW….and not World Of Warcraft either. Actual WOW. If you have played Heavy Rain at all you definitely need to check out the Chronicles.The first episode is a small investigation that Madison Paige reports at her own risk. Madison is sent to visit a man who is a suspect for the Origami killings and you […]