• Way of the Samurai 4 Review: Two Coffins… No, Maybe Three

    27 Oct 2015

    Way of the Samurai has been a series I’ve always enjoyed, despite never really doing well on a critical level. Perhaps it is the fact that I adore Japanese culture, or maybe the fact that it’s more open-world than most other games are despite their claims. All I know is that I played the series […]

  • Act of Aggression Review: Hunker Down

    06 Oct 2015

    I grew up watching my brother and uncle play games like Command & Conquer and StarCraft, so naturally I started playing them myself. While I never really had the opportunity to play them online in their heyday, I did manage to participate in LAN parties when that was still a thing people did (I know […]

  • I Am Bread Review: Become the Toast

    07 Sep 2015

    By this point, you probably recognize the name Bossa Studios. While they aren’t creating AAA titles, they are a BAFTA nominated/awarded studio. If that doesn’t do anything to jog your memory, perhaps the name Surgeon Simulator 2013 will help. Yes, the developer that really paved the way for the Simulator genre to take off has […]

  • Q.U.B.E. Director’s Cut Review – Playing with Blocks

    15 Aug 2015

    Since the huge success of a tiny game you may have heard of called Portal, there was a … well, not a surge of similar titles, but there are certainly more first person puzzle platformers than there were previously. Q.U.B.E. originally came out in 2011 on Desura, with the director’s cut debuting in 2014. It […]

  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited- The Good, the Bad, and the Argonian

    01 Aug 2015

    It’s been a little over a month since the latest and greatest tales of Tamriel began on consoles. Zenimax and Bethesda gave themselves a Herculean task, trying to create an MMORPG while trying to maintain the great single player game play the series is known for. After spending an entire vacation questing, fighting through dungeons, […]

  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Review: Exploring the Haunting Beauty

    26 Jul 2015

    This puzzle filled narrative title came out in the latter half of 2014, but just recently made its way to PS4. So what makes this version of the game any different from the PC version? Well, the biggest one is that the PS4 version was rebuilt from scratch in Unreal Engine 4, and includes several […]

  • Rocket League- An Addicting Thrill Ride

    11 Jul 2015

    Everyone has probably heard at least once in their life that “just because it’s free doesn’t mean you should take it”; or you’ve heard “if it’s free there’s a reason why.” Neither of these things are true for Rocket League by Psyonix. This beautifully done game is free for PlayStation Plus members this month and it’s […]

  • Batman: Arkham Knight Review- One Last Ride Through Gotham

    29 Jun 2015

    The long awaited finale in the Rocksteady series has finally arrived to give players control over the world’s greatest detective one last time. Placed in his hometown of Gotham, Arkham Knight gives the player full reign over the thug filled streets allowing the player to really get a feel for this epicenter of crime. With […]

  • The Witcher 3 Review: The White Wolf Rises

    12 Jun 2015

    As you probably know by now, The Witcher games take place in an existing universe that was started in a series of books by Andrzej Sapkowski. While they aren’t adaptations of the stories told, they do use the existing characters, maps, and lore. The question is, does the third entry live up to all the […]

  • Invisible, Inc. Review: Looking Through You

    15 May 2015

    After the extremely successful Mark of the Ninja, it was only natural that Klei would return to the stealth genre. After creating one of the most beloved stealth based games, would they strike lightning again with a different playstyle in Invisible, Inc.?

  • Crypt of the Necrodancer Review: Get That Rhythm Right

    04 May 2015

    Since 1980’s Rogue appeared, there have been many Roguelike games to grace computers. In recent years, there have been many trying to implement their own ideas in dungeon crawling, but none have captured the attention of fans and non-fans of the genre like the melding of dungeons with rhythm.

  • Westerado: Double Barreled Review – There’s a Snake in My Boot

    28 Apr 2015

    It’s not too often that games about the Wild West come out, and even if they do, it’s rare they are something spectacular like Red Dead Redemption. Cue the new game from Ostrich Banditos, featuring a tale of vengeance in a world where you choose what is right. While not as grandiose as Rockstar’s adventure, […]

  • Shovel Knight Review: Everyday I’m Shovelin’

    24 Apr 2015

    In 2013, a small group of former WayForward employees built Yacht Club Games and pitched their first title to the public via Kickstarter: Shovel Knight. It originally launched June 26th (25th at some point if you backed it, I don’t recall when I was sent the code), 2014. The goal of YCG is “to make […]

  • Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today Review – Time Stand Still

    07 Apr 2015

    Adventure games have been around for years – for many, it was the first genre that got them into video games. I didn’t really fall in love (or play many) until I discovered LucasArts (don’t worry, I’ve repented for all the games I missed prior – can’t overstate my excitement for the new King’s Quest!). […]