• Ginger: Beyond the Crystal Review – A Flawed Stone

    22 Oct 2016

    There was a time when games were big into platforming. To many, it was the pinnacle of games. They still exist of course, but where it more or less began, it’s stayed – Nintendo. There have been exceptions over the years; there are always exceptions. Cue Drakhar Studios, with a new entry into the genre […]

  • Ninja Pizza Girl Review: Hot and Ready

    14 Oct 2016

    Pizza and ninjas – need I say more?

  • Rogue Stormers Review: More of a Drizzle

    08 Oct 2016

    The popularity of roguelike-like games has seemingly diminished a bit, but people still love the idea of randomly generated levels and worlds, as it seemingly gives an endless amount of content for the player. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. While games developed this way are usually with the best of intentions, they don’t always […]

  • Aragami Review: Looking Through the Shadows

    04 Oct 2016

    Stealth games have been around for a long time, but the most notable really began with Tenchu and Metal Gear Solid on the PS1 and Thief on the PC. They’ve come a long way over the years, but there have always been staples of the genre. Challenges that people would impose upon themselves, like never […]

  • Zenith Review: Writing First, Gameplay Later

    29 Sep 2016

    There certainly are a lot of adventurers that are tasked with saving the world in games. Ever think that maybe those adventurers are the cause of the issues, and are only solving problems that they created in the first place? Argus Windell has lived the life and knows the fate some young adventurers will end […]

  • RIVE Review: A Tear Filled Goodbye

    27 Sep 2016

    It’s not often that games are made with people knowing ahead of time it is the last for the company. Usually a company closes because profits are not high enough, or some undisclosed event shuts them down. RIVE was announced in 2014, and on March 10th, 2016 a trailer noted that this would be the final […]

  • Oceanhorn – Monster of Uncharted Seas Review: A Hero of our Time

    22 Sep 2016

    Over the years there have been lots of games that copied one another’s formulas, some being more successful than others. Every holiday now you can expect to get competing military shooters. Turn on Steam and look at the greenlit games and I’m sure you’ll find plenty that gimp one another frame for frame after only […]

  • The Final Station Review: All Aboard

    03 Sep 2016

    A world is at its end, a single train travels the Earth, and an unknown threat appears out of nowhere. You are the conductor of the train. You are to travel the world. You are the last hope for humanity. Are you up to the challenge? Is it worth it?

  • INVERSUS Review: Battling the Upside Down

    16 Aug 2016

    For the first time since… I want to say ModNation Racers (yes, six years ago) we have a video review for your enjoyment. The game deals with negative space in a way that seems so obvious I’m surprised it hasn’t been implemented earlier in video games. For immediate gratification, click through. To actually learn a […]

  • Headlander Review: Off With His Head

    09 Aug 2016

    Double Fine is one of those companies where you tend to pick up their products regardless of what you know, because they are known to be innovative. If nothing else, you can usually count on them for a laugh. With Tim Schafer leading the charge, it was hard to not be excited about their first […]

  • Batman Ep. 1 Realm of Shadows Review: What Lurks in the Night

    06 Aug 2016

    The highly acclaimed story tellers at Telltale are back with their venture into the DC universe with Batman – The Telltale Series. Not their first venture into the comic world, obviously, but one of the most well-known around the world. Bruce will face many familiar faces, but go up against a secret that could change […]

  • Layers of Fear DLC Inheritance Review: Daddy Issues

    05 Aug 2016

    It wasn’t too long ago now that Bloober made their splash in the horror genre of games with Layers of Fear. We played and really liked it, so it makes sense that we’d be excited to get our hands on an extension of the story.

  • Hard Reset Redux Review: Now With Y-Axis Aiming

    05 Jul 2016

    Hard Reset originally came out in 2011, which seems to be about right for a remastered version of games on consoles. Flying Wild Hog’s intent with the game was to bring the FPS genre back to its roots, and that it did. You won’t find regenerating life, cover, or waypoints guiding you here. While the […]

  • Catyph The Kunci Experiment Review: Discovering the Moon

    01 Jul 2016

    The latest entry in the Black Cube series, following Myha and ASA has arrived. If you’ve played the previous entries in the series, you can expect more of the same, except better. So don’t worry, Simon hasn’t thrown a curve ball and turned the series into an action adventure shoot ’em up. You’ll be wandering […]