Renowned Classics

  • Renowned Classics: Amplitude

    09 Aug 2010

    Before there was Rock Band, there was Guitar Hero. Before there was Guitar Hero, there was Amplitude. And before there was Amplitude, Konami ruled the music games… wait. Yes, Konami was first to the party, but all they brought was chips and dip. Harmonix brought the beer which landed them a one night stand with […]

  • Renowned Classics: GoldenEye 007

    30 Jul 2010

    Doom may have been first to the party, but GoldenEye soon showed up and shovelled all the cake into its mouth, won Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and passed out on the couch with a lampshade on its head. With a remake for the Wii just around the corner, I decided to take a […]

  • Renowned Classics: Shadow of the Colossus

    16 Jul 2010

    “Indeed, the longer any given internet debate about video games being art drags on, the more likely it is that someone will mention Shadow of the Colossus.” Though it was only in the previous generation of console gaming that we saw Shadow of the Colossus hit shelves, it has since sparked much discussion in the […]

  • Renowned Classics: Mohawk and Headphone Jack

    28 Jun 2010

    My first foray into this soon to be epic section of our blog known as Renown Classics starts with what can only be described as mind numbing speed thrash. That is what the title should have been instead of Mohawk and Headphone Jack. Yes, one of the characters has a mohawk that covers his entire […]

  • Renowned Classics: Super Mario Bros 2

    28 Jun 2010

    This is MADNESS!  NO! THIS, IS, MARIO BROTHERS! Foreword:I was a Nintendo kid growing up. I’ve played and completed lots of games. One of them that had eluded me was Super Mario Bros 2. The furthest I remember ever getting in this game is world 2-1. Not that I couldn’t beat it, I was just […]