• MultiTap Podcast: Episode 20 (EXPLICIT)

    16 May 2015

      The crew runs solo this week (does that make sense?). Piper, Aaron, Chris, and Irene kill time talking about things like: An empty mailbag! The Top 3 Games we put the eff down after 5 minutes!! The Pitch!!! Why Konami is F%$#ing up!!!! And some of Skeleton Aaron’s patented Who Would Wins!!!!!   Recording this show is […]

  • MultiTap Podcast: Episode 19 (EXPLICIT)

    27 Apr 2015

      The core crew is back!! Piper, Aaron, Chris, Irene, and her bestie; extra effing special guest Rob Roberts from Orange Lounge Radio on the V.O.G. Network, bomb around for a LOVELY afternoon tea. Join them all as they: Talk about SO much Metroid! Experience relatively no sound corruption!! Pitch a Metroid-related game on the […]

  • MultiTap Podcast: Episode 18 (EXPLICIT)

    04 Apr 2015

      Piper, Aaron, Chris, and guest stars Zach and Jimmy Worley do battle in every sense of the word through a fighting game-themed episode, including: Trying out an all new introduction sequence! Reading Listener Ben’s email finally, for the love of God!! What would a fight cast be without three rounds of trivia throwdown?!!! A new mystery […]

  • The FFoP Show? ish?

    17 Mar 2015

    Some Video Game Stuff. Some More Video Game Stuff Some Tech Stuff Some Movie/Comic Stuff New format and new name, coming soon!

  • MultiTap Podcast: Episode 17 (EXPLICIT)

    16 Mar 2015

      Mistress Piper, Plincess Ireney, Skeleton Aaron, and guest star Chris tackle their own episode without their favourite homeless host: Hobo Chris! : Saying our “hellos…” and moving straight into a voice-acting-related Top 3! Getting extremely distracted, and then talking about celebrities and the celebrity of voice acting!! Ending up on Aaron’s Who Would Win list […]

  • MultiTap Podcast: Episode 16 (EXPLICIT)

    02 Mar 2015

      Mistress Piper, Plincess Ireney, Hobo Chris, and Skeleton Aaron break the fourth wall yet again in a brave attempt at bridging the gap between online radio celebrity and eager listener! Conspire with them as they: Revive Durst like a glorious phoenix thanks to host Hobo Chris! Celebrate the glorious 16-bit era and discuss everyone’s favourite games […]

  • MultiTap Podcast: Episode 14 (EXPLICIT)

    19 Jan 2015

      Piper, Irene, Aaron, and Chris rock the mic as a group once again, and bring you quality radio, including, but not limited to: Doing some trivia! Discussing our top 3 games that should never have been in a series. Convincing Aaron to play Final Fantasy XIV with us!!! !Entertaining what it might mean to be a legitimate “gamer,” […]

  • MultiTap Podcast: BloopCast the First (EXPLICIT)

    05 Jan 2015

    You know what? This is a bit of a bonus. It’s been up on the YouTube channel, so those of you well-versed with that will have heard this already, but I (editor Piper) took all of the extra content cut from the shows and compiled them into the funniest or interesting but too irrelevant segments […]

  • MultiTap Podcast: Episode 13 (VERY EXPLICIT)

    05 Jan 2015

      Happy New Year everyone!! We apologize for the hiatus that we took during December, but MultiTap has returned with the best of intentions and the highest caliber… everything. Join the good old crew, only Piper, Irene, and Chris this time, as we throw resolutions out the window and kick off another year of ear-blasting comedy and […]

  • The FFoP show and the Future!

    18 Sep 2014

    Fist Full of Potions is an ever changing Katamari ball of video game journalism and we’re about to shake off some bits, while picking up some sweet new do-dads! What exactly is changing? Well, we’re not quite sure yet. The details are taking longer to hammer out than previously expected. With that said, Here’s some insight into […]

  • Podcast Episode 144

    01 Sep 2014

    Gettin’ Hype for Destiny! Harmonix is none too pleased about Kinect Hackers, Flight 362 and all the WTF’s Amazon buys Twitch… uh, what? See ya next week!

  • MultiTap Podcast: Episode 11 (EXPLICIT)

    31 Aug 2014

      Piper, Aaron, Irene, and Chris keep munching ice tacos this week. Join for  another award-winning episode as they: Discuss a lil’ listener mail and some future episode plans! Absolutely crush trivia, only to falter a bit on the impressions segment!! Discuss our top 3 critically acclaimed games or series that we feel fall short!!! And Discuss whether or […]

  • The FFoP Show Episode #143

    17 Aug 2014

    GamesCom is here! Tomb Raider is a what now?!?! Exclusive? Indies, indies everywhere! Wow! Many conference, much games, such want! See ya next week!

  • What’s this “bandwidth” you speak of…

    29 Jul 2014

    Hello FFoP fans! Man, we would sure love to upload this weeks FFoP show buuuuuuuutt, the poopyheads over at our podcast hosting service say we’ve run out of bandwidth (because we’re so famous). So, until we gather a few extra “Benjamins” to slide over at the internet gods, the FFoP show is unfortunately on hiatus. Sorry […]