• The FFoP Show Rerun: July 4, 2012

    07 Apr 2014

    BLAST FROM THE PAST! We missed this weeks episode but, we’re bringing you a classic instead. Please enjoy episode 70 from July of 2012. We’ll be back with a brand new episode after next weeks MultiTap. Gotham City Imposters is free for Plus users EA wants to Premiumize all the games Ouya is a new […]

  • The FFoP Show #135

    26 Mar 2014

    Hardware hiccups and Software failures. We’re off to a good start! Decappa? Decaperay? De-uh..? Cammy 2.0… was announced for Ultra Street Fighter IV GDC! Jason ways there man, he saw someĀ  **** you wouldn’t believe. Most of it you would though. Can you predict the next hard to find retro game? See ya next week!

  • The FFoP Show: Episode 134

    10 Mar 2014

    “Low Income Internet” issues… A whole list of sad gaming news? What the …? Assassins Dogs? Watch Creed? You decide! Will Titanfall be the next Call of Duty? (Fan submitted question) See ya soon!

  • Podcast Episode 133 (actual)

    22 Feb 2014

    PSA: What’s with all the inconsistency, bro? Harmonix new game is; Call of Assassins Tron: Dubstep Warfare? Things… Square Enix says. The Xbox One Examiner. Did Microsoft gain 30 pounds over the holiday? We’ve got the scoop! See ya next week!

  • FFoP Shot Episode 2

    27 Jan 2014

    What’s a Fusion? Could a new console save Nintendo? Better yet, does Nintendo even need saving? See ya next week!

  • The FFoP Shot Episode 1

    17 Jan 2014

    Is VR (Virtual Reality) a gimmick for gaming, or is it the future? Hello and welcome to our “oh crap, we screwed up an episode. Quick, lets get something together for the fans…” or The FFoP Shot, for short. A Shot is when you only have just a little potion left, maybe enough for about […]

  • Podcast Episode 132

    12 Jan 2014

    Technical Difficulties… Nintendo loses big lawsuit! Playstation Now, only later… Maybe. Next Gen by the numbers. See ya next week!