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  • The Hidden Benefits of PSN Downtime

    28 Apr 2011

    As you may know, Sony’s Playstation Network is experiencing some serious downtime. Mostly due to hackers breaking in and swiping as much shit as they can (both free games and Sony customer’s private info). Depressing though it is, this list will prove that there’s almost always a silver lining. Here are some hidden benefits for […]

  • The 4 Greatest Moral Dilemmas In Video Game History

    07 Mar 2011

    Video games are an interactive way to tell a story. No really, it’s true. It only makes sense, then, to use them to create unique moments of introspection when the player is forced to decide between two or more things of incomparable value, and then deal with the consequences of those choices. In this way […]

  • 3 Iconic Games That Were Almost Other Games

    28 Feb 2011

    Video games often change during their development. It’s a peaceful, natural process. Ideas evolve, and the game world becomes more fully realised. Things are changed and tweaked. Sometimes though, the developers just throw their hands in the air half way through the development of a game and say “Screw this”, then change the whole formula.

  • The Day the Gaming Industry Died (A Little More)

    21 Feb 2011

    Dave Chappelle once said “Chivalry is dead. And women killed it.” If he were a fan of video games (but not in a Soulja Boy being high and playing Braid kind of way), and also not a comedian, he might have said “Creative video games are dead, and you dipshit consumers killed them.” I say […]

  • Minecraft Day 3

    14 Feb 2011

    Dear diary journal thing: Today while strolling through the sweet, green fields of… wherever this is, I came across an abomination. Its shape was natural enough (at this point I hesitate to make a dick joke, considering just the other day I wept for my lost manhood), but it was a demon to be sure. […]

  • If Dead Space 2 Were Another Kind of Game: An Exercise in Wild Speculation

    07 Feb 2011

    I recently had a chance to play the sequel to Dead Space on my PS3, and found it to be an emotionally confusing experience, but probably not in the way you think.

  • PS3 Tech Support (and Other Horror Stories)

    31 Jan 2011

    Sony’s Playstation Network service falls short in several key areas, the most prominent being user-friendliness, interface, and actually working. It doesn’t cost you a dime to use, but just because it doesn’t cost any cash money doesn’t mean it can’t be (or shouldn’t be) vastly improved.

  • If Dead Space 2 Were Another Kind of Game: An Exercise in Wild Speculation

    29 Jan 2011

    I recently had a chance to play the sequel to Dead Space on my PS3, and found it to be a surprisingly emotionally confusing experience, but probably not in the way you think.

  • Minecraft Day 2

    24 Jan 2011

    Dear Diary,

  • Minecraft Day 1

    17 Jan 2011

    Dear diary,

  • Phoenix Down Under: The First-Person Shooter

    07 Dec 2010

    Stare off into space with me, and we shall remember the history of the First-Person Shooter, and possibly several suppressed memories.

  • Phoenix Down Under: The Passion of the Gamer

    20 Nov 2010

    What is it about video games that attract such devotion from fans?

  • Phoenix Down Under: CODBLOPS

    16 Nov 2010

    Can’t talk. Playing Black Ops.

  • Phoenix Down Under: Mogworld

    06 Nov 2010

    Mogworld is a novel written by the internet famous “Yahtzee” Croshaw. But is this particular novel worth reading?

  • Phoenix Down Under: Ask Steve

    30 Oct 2010

    It’s time I get down and funky with some of the frequently asked questions I get; and for me, ‘frequently asked’ refers to any number over zero. Still, a few people have asked me some questions relating to myself, games, and Australia (negating the fact I had to coerce these out of them), so let’s […]

  • Phoenix Down Under: The GOTD

    23 Oct 2010

    Since approximately 10 years have passed since the last time anyone thought about this, let’s sit back and take a look at what this decade has brought to the gaming world. Here are my candidates for the Game of the Decade. You may be pleasantly surprised – or horribly disappointed.

  • Phoenix Down Under: Medal of Honor and The Taliban

    16 Oct 2010

    With the release of EA’s new and rebooted Medal of Honor title, examining the controversy surrounding it provides interesting insight into the mindset of EA, and your average gamer. The problem most people have with the latest First-Person Shooter on the block isn’t so much its depiction of the Taliban throughout the single player, but […]

  • Phoenix Down Under: MAG 2.0

    11 Oct 2010

    MAG 2.0 is what MAG 1.0 should have been, but you can’t say Zipper didn’t try. You also can’t say they didn’t fail. … in some aspects, at least. After extensive research and various injuries resulting from that research, I received my Phd. and discovered that MAG has not yet been reviewed on this site. […]

  • Phoenix Down Under: The Role of Story

    02 Oct 2010

    Story and gameplay can sometimes be hard to balance, as can realism and fun. In the grand scheme of designing a video game, story is often overlooked. Not only in the sense that a basic plot is often laid down and then paved over by focusing on graphics (instead of gameplay like you might expect), […]

  • Phoenix Down Under: The Games Industry

    25 Sep 2010

    Are second-hand games the bane of the industry? Is the system itself broken? Companies like EA have been crusading against the sale of second-hand games for awhile now, because in theory second-hand games hurt their bottom line. Indeed, if consumers buy games used from places like EB Games (with all their trade-in deals and whatnot), […]

  • Phoenix Down Under: Linear is not a dirty word

    18 Sep 2010

    Linearity in games is one of those topics that brings with it mixed views. Some people love completely straightforward games and can’t stand having a world that’s too lax in telling you where to go and what to do, and some enjoy the freedom. This is why many people didn’t enjoy Oblivion… among other reasons. […]

  • Phoenix Down Under: Adults Only

    11 Sep 2010

    Welcome to what will hopefully become a weekly occurrence – me writing a series of articles entitled Phoenix Down Under, and you reading them… though I’m not much of a Final Fantasy fan… Let’s look past that. I am however Australian, and hope to provide the site with some kind of international perspective on the […]

  • Opinion: What the Call of Duty series does right

    25 Aug 2010

    While Halo was the greatest shooting game to grace the previous generation of consoles, Call of Duty is the mark of the newest consoles on the market. The Call of Duty series has exploded in popularity, yet it doesn’t seem to generate as much hate as the Halo series. I find that on almost any […]

  • Opinion: Nintendo, Innovation, and You

    14 Aug 2010

    What’s that I hear you say? Nintendo doesn’t innovate? They simply remake the same games over and over and rake in large quantities of currency? Well… Okay, I’ll give you that one, but only the latter statement. While no one is denying that we as gamers are beginning to get a little tired of Link […]

  • Best Crossover Of All Time

    15 Jun 2010

     *credit to pierski for the box art* For those of you that live under a rock or just don’t pay attention (like me), Super Mario Bros. Crossover is a new game that’s gaining popularity on the internets as of late. And by “gaining popularity,” I mean it’s fucking awesome!So what’s this post for? Well, just […]