Mr. Perfect’s Nonsense

  • I’ve Been Around

    22 Oct 2011

    So, how ’bout that schooling Jason? You learning anything? Eh, not really. I am catching up a bit on some games though! Been busting out all sorts of stuff, like Wizorb, Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and more. This is the big ol’ review roundup.

  • (R) Catherine (PS3, 360)

    30 Jul 2011

    First off, for those unaware, this is a game I’ve anticipated since it was first announced because of one thing: the Persona Team was creating it. This is the first HD title that my favorite RPG developer has created, and let me tell you… it is almost exactly what you’d expect from them. If you’ve […]

  • Mega Man: Legend Beyond Death’s Grasp

    19 Jul 2011

      For those of you that read the blog when Mega Man Legends 3 was first announced, you saw how excited I was regarding it. On July 18th, 2011, that dream was shattered. That’s right, despite showing footage which suggested it was playable (the Prototype “demo,” at least), the MML3 tab was taken off the […]

  • (R) Alice: Madness Returns (PS3, 360, PC)

    29 Jun 2011

    As you may or may not know, this is the sequel to American McGee’s Alice, which debuted in 2000. The sequel almost took as long as Duke Nukem Forever, although this one wasn’t ever anticipated until recently. If you were wondering for some outlandish reason… yes, I platinumed this game. I think I’m making myself […]

  • (R) inFAMOUS 2 (PS3)

    11 Jun 2011

    After owning the game for a total of four days, I platinumed it. Based on that fact alone, I can’t say you should buy the game unless you intend on playing it again in the future or you love the series, as I do. I knew for a fact it would be short, being that […]

  • E3 Press Conferences – Monday

    07 Jun 2011

    All right, so I’ll admit that I didn’t think I’d have to really write anything today. Chris and Ryan were going to watch the press events and then do a podcast about them, and I was just going to relax. Turns out I watched them all and they didn’t see any (except part of the […]

  • Jaime, My Intentions are Video

    14 Apr 2011

    A day late! Ahhhh, my perfect posting record… I apologize. I was off seeing Chk Chk Chk (also known as !!!) yesterday, along with Who Cares. Was a pretty good show, though the audio sort of sucked. It was very… bass driven. In any case, since I’m the only one that posts anymore (for now), […]

  • Sucker Punched

    06 Apr 2011

    Maybe you loved it, maybe you hated it. I just saw it, and I can say that it… hmm… well, you see… How should I put this? Well, the tagline is correct – you will be unprepared.

  • An Hour a Day Keeps the Gamer Away

    30 Mar 2011

    As was noted a few podcasts ago, Chris and Ryan (mainly Chris) have finally gotten into Telltale’s episodic games (most notably Sam and Max, Back to the Future). As much as you may dislike the format of playing an episode and waiting however long it takes for the next one (a month in the case […]

  • The Entertainment Consumers Association

    23 Mar 2011

    Let me preface this with the fact that I’m tired, lazy, and don’t feel like thinking. It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned the ECA, and with the revamping of their site and forums, I figured it’d be good to bring them up once again. So… what is the ECA?

  • Diminishing Quality

    16 Mar 2011

    On Tuesday I went to the doctor for a physical. This was my first physical since … hmm, years ago. Now, as far as I’m concerned, a physical only gets worse in terms of what they do to you as you progress in age. The last time I went I had to undress entirely, go […]

  • The Inferior Grade

    09 Mar 2011

    The other day when I was at Ryan’s for the FFoC recording, something caught my attention. I was washing up and saw a jar of honey that said Grade A on it. This got me thinking… why doesn’t anyone put Grade B or C on their products? I mean, honey has no government certification and […]

  • Jay Pavlina – The Creator in Real Life

    02 Mar 2011

    I recently had the opportunity to meet up with this man to get to know him before the interview, see how we connected (or if we didn’t get along), etc. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, it’s pretty obvious how it went. If not, I’ll give a summary of the events below.

  • Breathing Fire

    23 Feb 2011

    Breath of Fire is a series not too many people got into, and that’s really a shame… because it’s one of the better RPG series’ to ever grace video game consoles. Why is that? Why is it called Breath of Fire? If I told you the main character’s name is Ryu, would that give you […]

  • Back when games were different…

    16 Feb 2011

    (Since the transition in sites, the format of this post has degraded immensely – videos are now gone, spacing is funky, and a lot more plagued this post, but I dealt with it. Hopefully future posts will be up to par in caliber with our last server. Bear with me here…) Do you remember that […]

  • Indie versus AAA

    09 Feb 2011

    This is a battle that is talked about quite often, but by no means am I here to say one is better than the other. There are good and bad games on both sides of the spectrum: big/low budget, years/days in production, big/small development teams, etc. I’m going to do a quick run through of […]

  • Video Game Relationships

    02 Feb 2011

    Recently I’ve been going through situations that have driven me to recollect my past. Only a select few know of the pain behind my life, and from thinking about that pain, I think of what comforted me. You know, it typically wasn’t people. There were a few instances, and some friends are no doubt better […]

  • Preview Theater is Now Showing …

    27 Jan 2011

    Oh hello there, welcome to a preview of the latest game from the creative minds that brought the world the Persona series. Never heard of Persona? Not too surprising, really. It’s not a giant amongst the video game industry, though if you like JRPGs… I’m not sure how you’ve never heard of it. In any […]

  • Who Cares About Mr. Perfect’s (Reviews)?

    26 Jan 2011

    You may recall me doing a post similar to this one a while back, and since then I’ve played many a game. Thus, it is high time I do another. Games I’ve been playing include… um… Hold on.

  • Who Cares About Mr. Perfect?

    19 Jan 2011

    Well, well… what do we have here? A post from… Jason? Pfft, probably going to talk about something stupid like Mega Man, or anime, or some off-the-wall RPG no one cares about – let alone ME. Or… Maybe I’ll talk about something worth your time; so stop sticking your pinky so high in the air […]

  • Catherine? More like Faprine

    20 Nov 2010

    I am quite possibly more excited for this game than the new Persona game… and Persona is one of my top series’ of all time.

  • Pretty Game Machine – Pilot

    11 Nov 2010

    Alright, trying out yet another new type of post… I’ve been playing a lot of games lately (it’s Autumn, so my PS3 doesn’t die from heat anymore), and I’m way too lazy to do individual reviews for the multiple games I’ll be talking about… However, I am willing to do a more in-depth review if […]

  • Pokemon is Gangster (NSFW)

    03 Nov 2010

    Quite possibly the greatest video I’ve ever seen… very profane in language, but too great to not watch. [youtube=]

  • All right… so what happened today?

    26 Oct 2010

    Ever wanted some place to just see everything that happened in the video game world, but without spending hours to see everything? Yeah, me too. Are you going to find that here? Nope. Sorry, I’m not full of internet magic tricks. I can’t allow you to just absorb all my hours of knowledge by staring […]

  • I Heard You Like Nerdy Christmas Music…

    22 Oct 2010

    Sure, it’s a bit early for Christmas still… Halloween hasn’t even happened yet, after all. And that’s when the Christmas music starts playing non-stop on the radio. 55 days of nothing but seasonal music. All the same songs, sometimes parodies of songs, sometimes just new versions… it’s rare that actual new Christmas music appears (unless […]