I Choose You!

  • Who Wants To Give Me A Costume?

    31 Mar 2011

    Another week, and another new game from Square-Enix, in this case: The 3rd Birthday. Now who wants to give me their costume code for Dissidia 012?

  • I Choose You Pokémon Grey!

    22 Feb 2011

    Alright guys, calm down, it’s not real… just a really awesome box made by someone called t7fu8. However, this is the subject of my post this week.

  • I Choose You Back Catalog/Contest of Shame!

    15 Feb 2011

    Another week, another stupid post from yours truly. So, you know how last week I told I’d be telling you about that fancy “new” (fake) Nintendo console that hasn’t been announced yet? Well, that’s not happening now, because I have other things to talk about, and I have 40 games from years past (and years […]

  • I Choose You Kingdom Hearts!

    08 Feb 2011

    Now while I did have a post about that fancy new Nintendo console you’ve heard nothing about hidden away in the back of mind, I started playing Kingdom Hearts again this weekend, so I’m gonna talk about that instead. So join me, on this stupidly awesome post about what needs to happen before Kingdom Hearts […]

  • I Choose You!: Too Many Games!

    01 Feb 2011

    First thing’s first, welcome to my new segment “I Choose You!”, a weekly post from yours truly discussing pretty much anything I want to talk about that week. Well, relevant to video games of course. This week I wanted to take a time out and vent about all the stuff I’ve been playing. Oh, and […]

  • Let’s Talk About Warcraft!

    18 Jan 2011

    Hello and welcome to my first “Let’s talk about Warcraft!” post. For those of you who are new to the blog and don’t know much about me, I play WoW… a lot. So it’s only fitting that I comment and report on the goings on in Azeroth on a weekly basis. At least from my […]

  • Merry Christmas From Fist Full of Potions!

    25 Dec 2010

    Just wanted to take a quick second to wish all of our readers a very merry Christmas! Oh, and to tell you we are still around.

  • LittleBigPlanet PSP Launch Hat Is a Rare Find

    28 Sep 2010

    For those of you who remember this shirt, this $5 PSP launch… today is your lucky day. You get a hat to go with it! So back in November ’09, Media Molecule released the $5 “Rare PSP T-Shirt” for the PS3 version of LBP to celebrate the launch of LBP for the PSP. As the […]

  • ありがとう

    28 Sep 2010

    This post is for all of those that have supported us that I’ve tried thanking in the past on podcasts, but never hear it because they get trashed (or that portion gets cut out) every time. So, a list of people I want to thank is as follows:Kashmyrlol (internet handle) aka Helen: A girl I […]

  • Notable Software: Week of 8/14 – 8/21

    15 Aug 2010

    Another slow week ahead as the summer gaming drought continues on. This week we only have three things to talk about, so let’s get this thing done Okay guys, it’s time to get serious. Like… really serious… I just need to dance… okay, maybe not. Gold’s Gym Dance Workout for the Wii will make you […]

  • Listen To The Podcast, Win Red Faction.

    10 Aug 2010

    That’s right all, the “Win Red Faction” contest is back and in full swing. Hit the jump to find out more. So as you may know, we’ve been talking about giving this game away for quite some time now. Well now that time has come. Today, Tuesday August 10th 2010, is the day that this […]

  • Notable Software: Week of 6/13 – 6/19

    13 Jun 2010

    Hello everyone, and welcome to another weekly edition of Notable Releases. This week I have something special to tell you about. How special you ask? Well… not that special, but it’s still pretty cool. I mean, it’s totally awesome and I’m on the fence about buying it. Really I am!  -Wii/DS/Xbox 360/PS3/PSP/PC- Yup that’s right, […]

  • Lessons In Retail… Learn Them!

    10 Jun 2010

    Lesson #1 – When a retail worker tells you that their store does NOT match their’s, or other stores’ online prices, count your losses and walk away. You know why? Hit the jump to find out. The reason I say count your losses and walk away, is because of one simple fact. You whining and […]

  • Notable Software: Week of 5/30 – 6/5

    31 May 2010

    There really isn’t anything for me personally to write about this week; well, besides Robocalypse: Beaver Defense of course! So this week’s Notable’s will be short… I know, you’re sad. – Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/PC- Alpha Protocol hits this week and I have nothing to say about it. It’s a new game from Obsidian Entertainment and […]

  • God Help Us All…

    31 May 2010

    This was released on WiiWare today. Please someone buy it and tell us how it is. Please?

  • My Notable Software: Week of 5/16 – 5/22

    16 May 2010

    So this week sees the release of a lot of games. I mean, we’ve got Alan Wake, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Red Dead Redemption, Trauma Team (ZAPPY GUNS!!!!), and the long awaited/highly anticipated Shrek Forever After (you know you want it). So let’s do this thing!PSYCH! Yeah, I’m not in the mood right […]

  • Notable Software Releases: Week of 4/18 – 4/24

    18 Apr 2010

    The usual summer drought of games hasn’t hit us quite yet, but a small April slump has. While you’ll still have to wait a couple weeks to play 3D Dot Game Heroes, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, and Red Dead Redemption, there are a couple titles this week that you can look at. Wii: […]

  • Notable Software Releases: Week of 4/4 – 4/10

    07 Apr 2010

    This week… there can be… ONLY ONE!!! – Xbox 360/PC – This week sees the release of the Borderlands Double Game Add-On Pack which includes two of the three released DLC chapters for the game. The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned and Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot are the two included, and since I won’t do […]

  • The Fist Full of Potions Exclusive Game Reveal

    01 Apr 2010

    I am proud to see this day. When we started the blog, we never had any intentions of being the “big guys”, you know – with all those big new reveals. Yet things change, and it turns out we now have one of those big game reveals. Activision Blizzard has given us permission to tell […]

  • The Frustrations of God of War

    28 Mar 2010

    Now that God of War III is out and I’ve beaten it to death… literally to death, I felt it necessary to look back on a beloved franchise of mine and gripe about it. Specifically three key things; one for each of the games. Keep in mind this article does contain spoilers for the series. […]

  • Notable Digital Releases: Week of 3/21 – 3/27

    27 Mar 2010

    Leading off from my last post about not being lazy, I’ve decided to post a “Notable” for the digital releases this week as well. Hopefully this will be a continuing thing from me. This ‘do this’ thing! Nintendo Shop Channel Cave Story was released this week on WiiWare. Basically it’s an 8 Bit action/platformer that […]

  • Notable Software Releases – Week Of 3/21 – 3/27

    24 Mar 2010

    Seems like forever since I’ve done one of these, but I’m back for this week’s Notable Software. There’s a couple of high profile titles this week so let’s jump right in… Wii: Coming to the Wii this week is Red Steel 2, a sequel to the original 2006 launch title for the system. The game, […]

  • Just Cause 2 First Impressions

    24 Mar 2010

    Let’s start off with, WOW! Talk about an improvement. Just Cause 1 was a joke compared to this game. I think I can summarize my experience with Just Cause 2 in a sentence. Just Cause 2 is what I would imagine the GTA series would have evolved into if they kept with the trend they […]

  • Notable Software: 2/14 – 2/20

    18 Feb 2010

      It’s Valentine’s week everyone! Now that that’s out of my system, here is this week’s offerings that will squabble for your moneys! You might even find something for you sweetheart… or yourself….? Hit the jump to find out this week’s offerings. More> -Nintendo DS-  The Ace Attorney franchise returns this week with Miles Edgeworth […]

  • cbreem's Playbacks: February 2010 *Update*

    10 Feb 2010

    This week’s update for cbreem’s Playback segment holds a little good news as well as some bad. Hit the jump to find out what’s up. More>So it seems that with Dante’s Inferno, getting unstuck in Darksiders, and playing way to much Fallout 3 GotY on my PC, I’ve let Dragon Quest VIII fall by the […]