I Choose You!

  • Who Wants To Give Me A Costume?

    31 Mar 2011

    Another week, and another new game from Square-Enix, in this case: The 3rd Birthday. Now who wants to give me their costume code for Dissidia 012?

  • I Choose You Pokémon Grey!

    22 Feb 2011

    Alright guys, calm down, it’s not real… just a really awesome box made by someone called t7fu8. However, this is the subject of my post this week.

  • I Choose You Back Catalog/Contest of Shame!

    15 Feb 2011

    Another week, another stupid post from yours truly. So, you know how last week I told I’d be telling you about that fancy “new” (fake) Nintendo console that hasn’t been announced yet? Well, that’s not happening now, because I have other things to talk about, and I have 40 games from years past (and years […]

  • I Choose You Kingdom Hearts!

    08 Feb 2011

    Now while I did have a post about that fancy new Nintendo console you’ve heard nothing about hidden away in the back of mind, I started playing Kingdom Hearts again this weekend, so I’m gonna talk about that instead. So join me, on this stupidly awesome post about what needs to happen before Kingdom Hearts […]

  • I Choose You!: Too Many Games!

    01 Feb 2011

    First thing’s first, welcome to my new segment “I Choose You!”, a weekly post from yours truly discussing pretty much anything I want to talk about that week. Well, relevant to video games of course. This week I wanted to take a time out and vent about all the stuff I’ve been playing. Oh, and […]

  • Let’s Talk About Warcraft!

    18 Jan 2011

    Hello and welcome to my first “Let’s talk about Warcraft!” post. For those of you who are new to the blog and don’t know much about me, I play WoW… a lot. So it’s only fitting that I comment and report on the goings on in Azeroth on a weekly basis. At least from my […]

  • Merry Christmas From Fist Full of Potions!

    25 Dec 2010

    Just wanted to take a quick second to wish all of our readers a very merry Christmas! Oh, and to tell you we are still around.