• …we are experiencing technical issues…

    12 Jun 2013

    Hello FFoP Fans, If you haven’t noticed already, we are currently experiencing technical issues. If there ever was a worst time for our podcast server to fall apart, this would be it. Disaster be damned, as we attempt to ford this muddy river of a catastrophe. For the next couple weeks our podcast server will be […]

  • Miiverse Trollin’

    06 Dec 2012

    I dont always troll the Miiverse, but when I do… I can haz Pro Controller? Check out Part 2 HERE  

  • Turns Out That PC Disc 2 of CoD: BlOps 2 is Mass Effect 2

    15 Nov 2012

      PC users are reporting that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is being packaged with Mass Effect 2 as their second disc. These reports are coming from COD’s forum, Steam’s forum, and Reddit to name a few.

  • Dear Westinghouse,

    05 Feb 2012

    When selecting a stock photo for your “24 inch LED SLIM, ECO, VIVID. Full HD 1080p” TV. Its probably best to select a photo of people playing a gaming console that is actually capable of outputting greater than 480p, as well as being equipped with an “HDMI” port. I understand that not all consumers will […]