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  • I miss the good ol’ days of gaming… or do I?

    25 Jun 2011

    Remember back when you got your first gaming system? Remember how crappy the graphics were and how simple the gameplay was? It was almost a better time for gaming just because games were being designed as… well, games. At what point did the market decide that games needed movies and cinematics? What happened to games […]

  • Pay as you play: The future of gaming, or the past…?

    03 Mar 2011

    The idea of pay as you play gaming has been around for many years, in fact its almost been around as long as gaming itself, thanks to the wonders of arcades. As video games migrated into our homes, the value of a quarter has dropped immensely. Pay for one life at a time versus a […]

  • Hangover Games: Saw – The Video Game

    11 Jul 2010

    God help you if you didn’t know this one was coming to this segment. Welcome to Hangover Games from Fist Full of Potions. In this segment we will tell you about games so bad, so awful, so gut-wrenchingly terrible that we woke up with a bad taste in our mouths the morning after playing them. […]

  • Why are Disc games and DLC games the same price?

    08 Mar 2010

    The Los Angles Times recently had an interesting article about where your money goes in a $60 disc based game, and the shocking truth as to how much of it actually goes to something worth while is ridiculous. But then you have ask yourself: “where does my money go in a downloadable game?” Let’s take […]

  • *sigh* Yeeeaah… but what’s it rated?

    18 Feb 2010

    Let me paint a picture, before the article, to help spring-board this topic. I’m going to run through an actual “word-for-word” scenario (or at least as best as I can remember) that I’ve personally had, in dialogue form. Note anything strange you find in this exchange: Me: “Hello.” Mother: “Can we look at a few […]

  • Purchasing a Video Game? Or Paying to Perform QA Testing?

    11 Nov 2009

    As is the case with many large scale games released today, they are flawed. A few years ago, games were unable to be patched on home consoles and went through serious testing at the game studios. Today there are games such as Fallout 3, Borderlands, Modern Warfare 2… what could the cause of so many […]

  • 2D Games Being Ressurected?

    11 Oct 2009

    It seems that that games have been getting the 2D treatment lately, and what is funny is how welcomed it is. What was once old is seemingly new again. And with the advances in what people can do in without strict graphical limitations, 2D is able to soar to heights no one imagined possible. Some […]