• Animus: Before and Beyond Your Expectations

    28 Apr 2017

    In recent years there have been a few games that have received a lot of praise and ended up being created almost exclusively, if not entirely, by a single person. Games such as Cave Story, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Undertale, and the most recent that comes to mind being Stardew Valley. While none of these […]

  • Dead Syncronicity PS4 Port is Now Available

    07 Oct 2016

    A couple years ago there was a kickstarter campaign for a dystopian point and click adventure called Dead Syncronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today. It came out on PC about a year and a half ago, and has made its way to the PS4. The good news is, it translated over really well. The bad news is… […]

  • Greedy Guns Gets Green

    04 Jun 2016

    A new Metroidvania title with inspiration from the likes of Super Metroid, Metal Slug, and Gunstar Heroes, with a bit of bullet-hell thrown in for good measure. It features co-op, unlockable abilities, and plenty of secrets to find. Most of all, it offers some killer action and platforming. What is it? My friends… this is […]

  • Kickstarting Children’s Lives

    03 May 2016

    The thing about Kickstarted games is you never know where the money is going. There have been some pretty mystifying failures in the past, but there have also been some rather large success stories. Even more common are games that never get funded, with a glaringly obvious reason: people don’t know about them. Unless you […]

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Beta Aftermath

    01 Sep 2015

    The curtain has closed on the public Beta test for PlayStation 4 players, leaving us hopeful for what is to come. This was Treyarch’s chance to debut the new content for multiplayer and stress test the servers for the November 6launch date. I have compiled some of the highlights from the Beta to shed light […]

  • Batman Arkham Knight: Best Riddles and Final Thoughts

    18 Jul 2015

    It’s done! After going through Gotham with a fine tooth comb I have achieved the full ending to the game and got the chance to throw down with Riddler. Check out the best/most challenging riddles I faced, and of course the big question: was it worth it?

  • Riddle Me This Batman- First Impressions of Arkham Knight Riddles

    03 Jul 2015

    In today’s article, we are going to delve into my journey through Gotham city hunting the trophies of Edward NIgma AKA The Riddler.  I’m going to cover some early tips and tricks I discovered in the first half of the 243 trophies in the game, so if you want to avoid any spoilers on the […]

  • Shantae Takes Her Revenge on PS4

    29 Jun 2015

    For lovers of the Shantae series, I bring wonderful news! Just this past week, WayForward brought the half-genie heroine to PS4! Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut can be found on the PSN for a measly $9.99. This particular entry came out for the DSi originally, and was later ported to iOS and Steam. We […]

  • Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Preview

    14 Jun 2015

    Just a few days ago, WayForward released an early build of their newest game in their longest running series: Shantae. This build will be shown at E3, but not playable. If you backed the game at the $45 level or above, you should have a key for this demo by now. So let’s talk a […]

  • Shovel Knight Review: Everyday I’m Shovelin’

    24 Apr 2015

    In 2013, a small group of former WayForward employees built Yacht Club Games and pitched their first title to the public via Kickstarter: Shovel Knight. It originally launched June 26th (25th at some point if you backed it, I don’t recall when I was sent the code), 2014. The goal of YCG is “to make […]

  • PlayStation’s Road to Greatness

    23 Apr 2015

    The past few years PlayStation has set off across the US in a big truck (along with some vans) and setup shop in cities all over, big and small, showing off new and unreleased titles. Of course, events like this require swag and contests featuring games that just came out – this year is a […]

  • Shantae Becomes a Pirate on PC

    21 Apr 2015

    Good news for all of you Shantae fans – Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse is coming to Steam this Friday (April 24th, 2015)! It’ll be launching at $19.99 and include features such as controller support, achievements, trading cards, Multiple endings, and more! If you’d like to read more about it, check out our original 3DS […]

  • Game Arts Survey

    15 Apr 2015

    If you’ve been playing games for the past few decades, you’ve probably played something from Game Arts – especially if you like RPGs. We’re talking games like Grandia, Lunar, Project Sylpheed, and their most recent entry Dokuro… The question is: do you want to play their games again on PC?

  • You Are the Winner! Go You!

    01 Apr 2015

    Have you been looking for a game that your newborn baby can play? What about relatives that have never played a video game before? You’re in luck, as WayForward has just revealed their newest game: You Are The Winner! Go You!

  • Ironcast is Coming to Consoles

    26 Mar 2015

    The self-proclaimed Puzzlequest meets FTL game Ironcast launched today on Steam, and is planned for release in the near future on PS3, PS4, and X1. Hopefully you like alternate histories, as this one takes place in the 1880s of England (no, this isn’t The Order) with inspiration from H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. The game […]

  • Grab and Go with Grabbles

    19 Mar 2015

    Are you looking for a multiplayer-heavy game for your Xbox One? Are there times when you are alone but still want to play a game? Do you like 2D platformers in the vein of Super Meat Boy, or controls that are limited to twin sticks and a trigger? Well, have I got a game for […]

  • Bringing Stop-Motion to Life with Armikrog

    06 Mar 2015

    Pencil Test Studios is special to me because of their history. If you don’t know them by name, perhaps you will when you hear some of the games the co-founders worked on: Disney’s Alladin, Earthworm Jim, and The Neverhood. If you haven’t played any of those, then you have my condolences. In any case, their […]

  • Dropping the Bombshell

    02 Mar 2015

    Do you like isometric games? How about action games? What about both of those combined? Well, have we got the game for you… you may remember when 3D Realms announced this back when they rose from the grave, but did you know this game was being kicked around back in ’98?!

  • Kickstart: Edge of Eternity

    17 Feb 2015

    It’s common to hear people complaining that there aren’t any RPGs that utilize Turn-Based combat anymore. Rather, most have gone the way of Real-Time Combat. And while that’s fine, there’s something special about ATB/Turn-Based – perhaps it’s because that’s how the genre started out and what many people first experienced – it’s always been a […]

  • A Tale of Social Anxiety Disorder

    11 Feb 2015

    Sym is an upcoming puzzle-platformer from ATRAX Games that explores social anxiety from the perspective of Josh. Josh is a teenage boy, and you’ll be traversing his perception of reality and the world he built to avoid his fears. Interested yet?

  • Persona 5 Trailer

    05 Feb 2015

    I’m not sure I can adequately express the excitement this trailer brought me. Persona is one of my favorite RPG series ever, and is easily in my top 3 of all time. If you’ve never played one of these yet, allow me to give some backstory.

  • Where Has Chris Been?

    31 Jan 2015

    Hello all! I just wanted to post a brief update as to what I have been doing other than FFoP over the last 6 or so months. First off though, I would like to apologize for my extended absence from the blog. In short, life happened. Fall semester at my college began and while I […]

  • Where’s my FFoP?

    29 Jan 2015

    Hey guys, sorry about the long hiatus in regards to articles/content in general. I was finishing up my degree in December and have since been on the hunt for financial stability (and there have been quite a few personal matters to attend to as well) – while I still haven’t found a job (there’s one […]

  • Double Fine’s PS Experience

    08 Dec 2014

    This weekend yielded a ton of great news for PlayStation owners, with Yakuza 5 finally being localized for the US and EU, Persona 5 being officially announced for regions outside of Japan, and Suikoden II coming to the PSN after years of fans asking for it. Several new games were shown off, and Uncharted 4 […]

  • Acting Out Aggressively

    06 Dec 2014

    If you’re a fan of RTS games, you’ve no doubt heard of Eugen Systems. If you don’t recognize them by name, perhaps you’ll recognize their games: Act of War, RUSE, and the Wargame franchise. In addition to two other unannounced RTS titles, Act of Aggression has burst out of the gates and is looking at […]