• The Goat Provides Point and Click

    31 Jul 2014

    The stars come together every now and then and speak a name. The owner of that name must undergo tests beyond those of all others and take on the responsibility of being a legend. This is what is known as A Rite from the Stars. While everyone in the Makoa Tribe must go through a […]

  • Firefly: Online

    25 Jul 2014

    There has been a lot of commotion regarding Firefly: Online since the announcement of the original crew being a part of the game. For a show that was cancelled before all the episodes were even aired, this is huge for the cult following. Every year since that tragedy, there have been demands for the show […]

  • Majestic Nights: View the Truth

    23 Jul 2014

    Ephiphany Games has just announced their debut season of an upcoming title, and it’s quite an undertaking: episodic role-playing-thriller set in an alternate 1980s where all conspiracy theories, past and present, are true.

  • How to Fighting Game

    07 Jul 2014

    Have you ever heard someone say “bro, do you even fighting game?” Well, never hear it again with this brand new (and free) book about the fundamentals of fighting games. Seriously though, if you’ve ever considered playing a fighting game, you should give this a read, as it’s chalked full of useful information. I’ve been […]

  • Far Cry 4: Reasons to Scream

    13 Jun 2014

    By now I’m sure you’ve seen the footage above. If not, do yourself a favor and watch it now. It’s okay, I’ll wait.

  • Whispering Willows Delayed for Steam

    10 Jun 2014

    We reviewed Whispering Willows a little while back, and while you can grab it on the Ouya, the release for Steam has been pushed back to July 9th for further improvements. In addition to some bug squashing, look forward to enhanced developments and features. In other words, a better game than what I initially reviewed, […]

  • VGM is Prisoner – Time for a Jailbreak

    09 Jun 2014

    E3 starts in under an hour, but there is something more important than that going on right now, and it affects games that will be at E3. There really isn’t much to say here that Austin Wintory doesn’t say in the video. The creation of video game music right now is not being allowed, and […]

  • The indiE3 Project

    05 Jun 2014

    E3 is rapidly approaching, an event made for all the large game developers to get the hype out for their upcoming games on a worldwide scale. Last year, Sony brought on a selection of indie devs that would be featured on the PS4 later down the line, which undoubtedly helped raise awareness. There are some […]

  • FFoP E3 Predicitions

    03 Jun 2014

    It’s that time of the year again when we put on our Nostradamus hats and attempt to predict the events of┬áthis year’s E3 Press Conferences. Will Final Fantasy VII finally get announced? Will Microsoft reverse the reversal from last year? Will Nintendo kiss and make up with EA? Who knows? We knows, or at least […]

  • Harmonix Collab for Amplitude

    19 May 2014

    As you guys may or may not know by now (only a few days left), Harmonix has been attempting to bring back Amplitude. Amplitude was the sequel to Frequency, and these games are the reason the music genre ever became anything this past generation. The controls for Amplitude don’t require you to use any peripherals […]

  • Witchmarsh: Funding the Twelve

    17 May 2014

    I’ve been following the development of Witchmarsh for quite a while now, and it’s wonderful to finally see some new footage. I happened to see the above trailer during the final hours of the Heart Forth, Alicia stream, and I couldn’t believe just how great it looked. I knew I wanted the game, but I […]

  • Divinity: Original Sin’s Limited CE

    16 May 2014

    Are you familiar with the Divinity series from Larian Studios? If not, now might be the time to acquaint yourself with this series. The newest entry is Original Sin, which if you’re unfamiliar with the Divinity, looks like a Baldur’s Gate type of game opposed to Diablo. In other words, Divinity: Original Sin is a […]

  • Far Cry 4 out in 2014

    15 May 2014

    Have you been eagerly anticipating the release of the new Far Cry? I know I have. 3 was one of the best experiences I’ve had in years, and I have been looking for any news concerning the new release since I finished it. Well, the wait won’t be much longer. You can pretty much assume […]

  • Toby’s Island: Full Steam Ahead

    12 May 2014

    Toby’s Island is a 2D RPG adventure that involves monster-raising, town-building and exploration with a blend of randomized and controlled story events. The game will be story driven, feature a fully animated 2D turn based combat system, and multiple evolution paths for your monsters based on your play style.