• Tom Braider

    31 Oct 2013

    “In a world, where lost treasure is guarded by Dinosaurs! One man, must overcome the struggles of neck breaking swan dives. This summer, Laurel Croft is… Tom Braider.” Special Thanks to our follower Bento, for drawing this and sending it in! You sir, have immortalized a ridiculous FFoP joke, into something that the internet can […]

  • Waste Not, Want Not.

    02 Aug 2013

  • Miiverse Trollin: Part Deux

    03 Jun 2013

    Miiverse Trollin: Part 1

  • The History of Portable Consoles

    11 Feb 2013

  • Miiverse Trollin’

    06 Dec 2012

    I dont always troll the Miiverse, but when I do… I can haz Pro Controller? Check out Part 2 HERE  

  • My Proto Mononoke

    10 Mar 2012

    As you’ll hear if you listen to the podcast, I’ve been in big boy school these past few months, hence my absence from the blog. I’ve been making art for classes and figured if they were going to be video game related at all, I may as well post them up here for the art […]

  • FFoP Comics: Red Dead Redempion

    12 Feb 2011

  • The sumo

    29 Sep 2010

    The Sumo By STAY

  • Roll up some pain.

    09 Aug 2010

  • Potion’s do not appreciate your failures…

    08 Aug 2010

    Let the Art page be born!