You Are the Winner! Go You!

April 1st, 2015 -


Have you been looking for a game that your newborn baby can play? What about relatives that have never played a video game before? You’re in luck, as WayForward has just revealed their newest game: You Are The Winner! Go You!


Founder Voldi Way says “People love our original characters and animation, but let’s be honest – WayForward games aren’t for babies. And we need to tap into that lucrative baby market if we’re going to thrive another 25 years.” Matt Bozon added “With this project, we wanted a game that EVERYONE could appreciate. So we did extensive focus testing, with participants ranging from age 2 to 104. The results were surprising. Some players couldn’t beat the bosses. Some couldn’t defeat enemies. Others couldn’t shoot. Or jump. Or move at all, really. One guy just hated pressing buttons. We’ve solved ALL of that.”

WayForward has implented a new mechanic called PlayForMe, which automatically collects coins, avoids obstacles, and defeats enemies and bosses before they ever get close. Due out this Fall for PC and major consoles, look forward to it. And as always, Happy April 1st from FFoP, as well as WayForward.

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