Witchmarsh: Funding the Twelve

May 17th, 2014 -

I’ve been following the development of Witchmarsh for quite a while now, and it’s wonderful to finally see some new footage. I happened to see the above trailer during the final hours of the Heart Forth, Alicia stream, and I couldn’t believe just how great it looked. I knew I wanted the game, but I didn’t realize how badly that desire would be until that moment. Just listen to that music! Look at all those settings! And four players… what more could you want?


Witchmarsh is an action RPG that takes place during the roaring 20s, within the (I had no idea) beautiful Massachusetts. You join a set of very out of the ordinary detectives on their mission to find the “Witchmarsh Twelve.” You’ll travel with them to the ends of the Earth to discover what caused the mysterious disappearance. Of course, no one would go on such a journey without a lucrative reward – the question is, will you make it past all the danger and supernatural elements to collect it?

Witchmarsh will feature single player gameplay, but you can also team up with up to three others for some four player co-op. You can look forward to tactical combat (dodge, roll, jump, and equipping yourself with weapons and armor) as well as branching dialogue trees that will determine how the game plays out. Character creation is extensive and allows for you to customize your play style with over fifty unlockable abilities, but also offers pre-made builds for those that want to just play the game. The characters themselves will be from a list of over ten, each with different personalities that may lead to friendships, fights, and potentially romance depending on the team you run with. As with many games nowadays, it promises that no two playthroughs will be the same, with a secret item system that ensures replayability. And last but not least, that alluring soundtrack from the mind of Francisco Cerda, which you may know from Jamestown or Gunpoint.


The game has A LOT going for it, including a wonderful team of devs making it happen. The game will be published by Chucklefish, who you may know from the game Starbound. But that’s just what they’ve developed – they’ve also published games, one being Wanderlust: Rebirth. As for what you can do to help, as with any Kickstarter, spreading the word and backing it is going to be greatly appreciated by everyone involved. The minimum donation for rewards is £10, which will net you the game and a thank you. Then it goes up, as I’m sure you know by now. Check out their Kickstarter for more info on the game, and if you’re interested, follow their tumblr for other updates (though I’m sure most will go on Kickstarter during the campaign).


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