Where’s my FFoP?

January 29th, 2015 -

Hey guys, sorry about the long hiatus in regards to articles/content in general. I was finishing up my degree in December and have since been on the hunt for financial stability (and there have been quite a few personal matters to attend to as well) – while I still haven’t found a job (there’s one in limbo at the moment – just waiting to hear if I get the offer or not), I can’t be leaving all you lovely people out in the dark. So, what’s in store for the near future? The next review I plan on having up is Dying Light. I’ve had the game since launch, but have yet to play it, but within the coming week I’d bet is when I’ll have something up for it. I have a decently sized backlog of articles I need to get out, so once I get that situation solved, you can look forward to more low-key titles being featured on here. And of course I’ll do my best to have recent news/videos when they’re up and about. Who knows what Ryan has in store for FFoP, as he has yet to get into the details, but I’m sure he’ll also have some plans for 2015. Hope you’re are having a good year so far!

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