When in Kyrat, Visit Shangri-La

August 17th, 2014 -

After surviving a desert, savanaah, and jungle, are you prepared to venture forth in the Himalayas? Whether you’re fighting for survival in Kyrat, or going against something much more spiritual in Shangri-La, this game will push you further than ever before. Will there be forests like previous adventures? Definitely, but there will also be snowy peaked mountain tops that may make you think of Uncharted 2. And as you’ve no doubt seen in the co-op videos (this game has drop-in/drop-out co-op), there is now a gyrocopter at your disposal. What better way to check out a new area than from above? And when you’re done with that, make your entrance from wherever you decide is best with your wingsuit.

As the video from PlayStation shows above, when traversing the mythical land of Shangri-La, you aren’t by yourself – you are accompanied by the Protector of Shangri-La, a white tiger. As much fun as it is to release animals onto the enemy checkpoints, just think of how much cooler it is to walk side by side with a tiger that turns invisible and attacks whoever you want, as you also hunt your prey.


As with Far Cry 3, 4 looks to do one of the things that really made the game stand out amongst the others – it’s visually appealing. While the industry has noticed that a lot of the games this past generation were grey and brown, some are still being made, and it’s all a bit boring. Far Cry 4 looks to hit pretty much all the color palettes you would want. Be it the warm reds, deep greens, harsh tints and whites… You can tell when you are in a different environment by the defining color, and that means different tactics around enemies and wildlife. If you’re not being hunted by one predator, you probably will be by three others.

If all that isn’t good enough for you, why not look into the map editor? That’s right, Far Cry 4 is coming with a map editor for you and everyone else that gets the game, creating … well, whatever your heart desires. Share them with the community, play other people’s once you finish the game if you just didn’t get enough, and show the world just how good you are at level design. Far Cry 3 was easily the best shooter of 2012, and in my top three games of the year. I doubt it’ll be any different for 2014.

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