Video Game Advertising

October 5th, 2011 -

Over the years, there have been some pretty awesome, and pretty terrible ways of advertising video games and their respective systems. At this point I could do a long drawn out “top 20 best” list, but lets face it. Anyone who reads top “whatever” lists, just jumps to number one anyways. So instead of a list I have for you just, 3 examples of solid advertising that really strike home what gaming is all about. Hit the jump for 3 of the best commercials this industry has seen thus far.

This Xbox commercial from a few years ago, was unfortunately banned for reasons that are debatable. Public violence aside, this commercial summarizes gaming without saying a single word. It’s also a metaphor for what we do each time we play a game together. Pretend to be someone else doing things we would never do outside of play time. It even resonates with the argument against video game violence. In the respect that, children have been running around pretending to shoot each other since the gun was invented. I’ve never seen a school shooting that blamed the mother for letting her kids play “Cowboys and Indians” when they were 6 years old … ? All preaching aside, Its truly a shame that a clever idea such as this, never got the screen time it deserved.

In more recent times, Microsoft has attempted to appeal to automotive enthusiast everywhere with the sultry voice of Jeremy Clarkson (BBC’s Top Gear) talking about how we (the petrol heads) are a dying breed. While I personally think its a bit over dramatic, its still nice to hear Jeremy preach to us the gospel of internal combustion. This doesn’t appeal to all gamers but, even gamers who don’t play racing games should be able to appreciate the quality and tone of this advertisement.


This commercial is part of Sony’s new “Long Live Play” ad campaign. As of the last couple years, Sony has had a pretty strong representation with their “it only does” ad campaign and it looks like they intend to keep it rolling.

Having all these characters get together to celebrate their “Player” really signifies that, without “You” these characters would have never achieved everything that they did. Obviously they would have by someone else’s hand, but that’s the point. If nobody ever played god of war 3, Kratos would have never achieved his vengeance. Cole even says in the commercial that the “Player” brought out the good in him, which is akin to the karma system in inFamous.

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