The indiE3 Project

June 5th, 2014 -


E3 is rapidly approaching, an event made for all the large game developers to get the hype out for their upcoming games on a worldwide scale. Last year, Sony brought on a selection of indie devs that would be featured on the PS4 later down the line, which undoubtedly helped raise awareness. There are some conventions that are more indie based, but now there’s a newcomer on the scene. The indiE3 project spawned just a few hours ago, and is gaining momentum quickly.

Are you a developer of a title you want to get out to the public? Do you have a trailer you want to show off? Would you like to give a talk? Do you make music? Do you want to be a part of something amazing? This is for you. TJ Thomas is heading this up, and he’s beyond excited to be doing so. He needs all the support he can get, and honestly, it’s only beneficial to you. How much does it cost to show your stuff at indiE3? Nothing. How many people will see it? Well, within the past couple hours, it’s already gotten over a couple hundred followers. And even if it stays at that point (it’s already gone up since I wrote that last sentence), that’s a lot more coverage than if you weren’t participating.

Do you like game jams? Well, that’s happening – it was announced from the time I started this article. Seriously, this thing just started and there is a lot that will be happening; it’s likely more events will be announced between the time I post this and when you read it. Do yourself a favor and follow TJ and the indiE3 project on Twitter, and if you want to get in on this action, send an email to indie3 (at) a6productions (dot) com. Even if you don’t know what you could contribute, email him. You never know what might be needed, and I’m sure you could contribute something. This is your opportunity to make your game no one has ever heard of become a house hold name!

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