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July 31st, 2014 -

The stars come together every now and then and speak a name. The owner of that name must undergo tests beyond those of all others and take on the responsibility of being a legend. This is what is known as A Rite from the Stars. While everyone in the Makoa Tribe must go through a rite of passage to become an adult, Kirm is selected by the stars to become something extraordinary.


A Rite from the Stars is a new Point & Click adventure title from Risin’ Goat. Unlike a lot of games in the genre, this has three play styles as you progress through the story. Each style corresponds to the path you are on: Wisdom, Courage, and Spirit. Each one involves solving puzzles, but how you complete them will differ quite a bit. In Wisdom you are able to move around and pick up/interact with items. However, there is no inventory, so you are limited to picking up one item at a time. The courage path involves movement of not just Kirm, but also your animal bond (a meerkat). Puzzles in this involve using one character to distract as the other moves forward. The spirit path involves dead ends and other dimensions. To put it simply, if you are at a loss for what to do, try changing your perspective with the click of a button.

After completing the three paths in the game, in whichever order you choose to do so, you will face a final trial. You’ll have to use everything you’ve learned up until this point, and the decisions you make here will determine what ending you get. Will you become a legend of the people, a man of the law and order, or perhaps fall flat? Is it possible to become someone corrupt with power? I guess we’ll see what the paths lead you to choose.


A Rite from the Stars is currently on Steam Greenlight for voting, and is also in the planning stages for a Kickstarter campaign. Also, if you aren’t sold on this game yet, watch the video below. All your worries will be put aside.

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