Struggle with Bubbles

September 24th, 2014 -

If you ever got lost in the world of Miniclip years ago, when flash games ruled the world of procrastination at schools and offices, you may have played a title called Bubble Trouble. It was based on Buster Bros. (A.K.A. Pang), a game which was based on an earlier game called Cannon Ball or Bubble Buster, etc. Enough history though – this game is getting a sequel called Bubble Struggle: Adventures. Well, it will be if it makes its Kickstarter goal.


If you’ve never played it, here’s a short synopsis: you shoot a bubble that bounces, it splits into two bubbles, and you continue to pop the bubbles until they are gone. Simple enough, right? Of course, there are different types of bubbles to change up the puzzle solving, as well as more than just one bubble per level. For example, Bubblegum Bubbles don’t split into smaller bubbles, but identical sized. To destroy those, you must use other means, such as special weapons or spiked walls. Oh, and if you get touched by any of the bubbles, you lose.

Bubble Struggle: Adventures
will have 300 levels, and in case that isn’t enough, the game will also have a level editor, meaning there is a potential for unlimited content. Also, the aforementioned levels are split between several game modes, including story, arcade, survival, and a couple co-op modes that resemble the single player ones. The game is planned for mobile (iOS and Android), PC, Mac, Linux, and Ouya. It seems like it’d be a great game to pull out on your phone while you need to kill time, as so many people once did it at their computers.

Bubble Struggle: Adventures Kickstarter

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