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February 11th, 2013 -


We recently had a chance to preview a new Indie Game distribution service called Shiny Loot. Before we go any further, we know what you’re thinking. “Yeah, that’s cool, but I’ve got Steam, I’m fine…” That’s exactly what Steam wants you to think. While Steam is indeed a great service, they don’t offer everything; sometimes you need to find more focused distribution services, which brings us back to Shiny Loot.

Shiny Loot looks to bring you some of the best Indie Games to your PC, Mac or Linux system. Their interface is very minimal and easy to navigate. No giant “UBISOFT MEGA SALE” banners cluttering up the landscape. Plenty of search options including a highlights slider if you’re the more lethargic gamer. They have a games for under $5 tab, which is great for when we’re stuck with those weeks when the decision of Mac and Cheese or a new game plagues us. You can also search by traits and aspects of the games. Each game has 4 defining traits, and you can filter your searches to help find that specific game you’ve been looking for. Want to search for a game based on the percentage of it’s sale? You’re in luck. Basically, if you can think of a search option, they probably have it.


There are plenty of games you may have heard of and some that may be new. I’m a racing game fan, so with a click of the racing tab, I find V8 Superstars, which I’ve seen elsewhere. Then I find Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage – this looks like an awesome Carmageddon/Twisted Metal that I previously had no clue existed. DRM FREE! Everything you buy from Shiny Loot is DRM Free. No more intrusive “oh hey your internet went out, you can’t play this single player game anymore,” or “your computer died? You’ll have to have to repurchase your games if you want to play them.” Outside of game distribution they also offer a community to discuss your hints, tips, and rage faces. A place to make friends and get suggestions from others within the community. So if you’re looking for DRM free games (who isn’t?), a new community to delve into, and more search options than you can imagine, check out Shiny Loot now! Even if you aren’t looking for any of that, you should have a look around the site. What else do you REALLY have going on?

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