Riddle Me This Batman- First Impressions of Arkham Knight Riddles

July 3rd, 2015 -

In today’s article, we are going to delve into my journey through Gotham city hunting the trophies of Edward NIgma AKA The Riddler.  I’m going to cover some early tips and tricks I discovered in the first half of the 243 trophies in the game, so if you want to avoid any spoilers on the riddles, remember you were warned!

Still with me? Alright, let’s get right into it then. If you played the previous titles you are familiar with how The Riddler works: he hides his trophies all over the place – some in the open – some not so much. He also has riddles that you must scan in order to get credit for their discovery. The difference you will find in Batman: Arkham Knight is the riddles and trophies are much tougher to obtain! At this point I have reached 125 riddles so I am a little over half way home and about 55 of those were discovered while just going through the game using little extra effort. Most of the puzzles and riddles will require your undivided attention so I would advise to go back and do them after completing everything else in the game. Of course, if there is one you see how to do quickly while on a mission, do it. But save the tough ones for later. The types of puzzles hiding the trophies can be broken down into six main types:

1. Batmobile Puzzle– These will require the Batmobile to be used in various ways, the main ones being; power winch for barriers, shooting targets in a time limit (you can tell which these are as the puzzle is activated by a panel the size of the vehicle), and racing (these are tough ones that had me scratching my head). You will discover trophies locked in a claw with no power or buttons anywhere near it. Under further investigation, you will see two four digit numbers: Ex. 3143, 2451. These numbers are coordinates; when looking at the map – almost hidden – in the bottom right hand corner there is a longitude and latitude indicator. Use that to find the start point which will require you to power it to start. Once activated, you are on the clock to get back to the trophy and claim it before it locks.

2. Jenga Block Puzzles– These sometimes require the Batmobile as well, but mostly use the Electric gun (acquired from the evidence room in GCPD lockup.) You will have to use the power winch and the Electric gun to charge generators and move a ball containing a trophy into the designated area. The best tip for these is to try and fail; with each failure you will learn more about the puzzle.

3. Hidden in the Middle of a Building– There are some trophies that are themselves in the open, but hidden overall in the middle of a building of which we have no access. These will require you to go into Detective Mode and search for a breakable window or wall. Once found you can try and break in with the Explosive Gel gadget, and if that doesn’t work you will need to call the Batmobile over and put the 60mm cannon to use.

4. Riddler Bots– These are always a bit interesting. For the most part they are simple in the sense you just need to control them with the Voice Recorder and have them pick up the trophy and then gank them for it. The trick I offer here is to make sure they don’t see you until you’re ready to destroy them. The reason being is if they see you early they will attack and you will waste time having to destroy and repair them. Some of the more rare ones require their destruction before the trophy presents itself; these will vary on how you have to dispose of the AI. The ones I have come across have required me to change their armor with a panel while fighting them and leading them all under a freight container to get smashed.

5. Number Patterns– These are some of the trickiest I have had the pleasure of deciphering. Some of them are simple and require nothing more than guessing the order based on the lights above the switches. Others have no indicator where to start; these will require help outside of the puzzle itself, usually some type of number pattern in green near the puzzle, or color indicators in another room.

6. Deathtraps– These can fit any of the above modules but have a twist to them: you die. Once getting the trophy in these you will be put into a scenario where death seems the only logical option; however, saving yourself from these is usually very simple. It will require you to switch to the Batmobile and destroy the sentry guns, or power winch a door that is just begging to crush you.


The above list is of course a generalization – some puzzles will share aspects with all of them – while others won’t fit the mold at all. The riddles are a little bit different as they only have one mold, challenging. My best advice here is to scan your surroudings and see if you can sniff out a trail. Start low and go up and scan every direction to see if you can get a lead. If you have no luck there, get help! Some of the riddles are straight forward, for example, “The League of Assassins stuck blades through hearts, now they impale each others art.” There isn’t much to decipher here, based on this we are looking for a sword stabbed into art. Sure enough, we are in an alley with graffiti when this riddle prompts, and there it is next to a trashcan fire, a sword through a poster. Other riddles will require in-depth knowledge of DC, for example “He lives and dies in seven days, this beat you’ve tamed, but his song still plays.” Without knowledge of DC this will make no sense and leave you confused, for those who have some insight we can decipher this is Solomon Grundy. This riddle not only is harder because of the vagueness in its answer, but because it is also hidden in a room within a compound and not in the open. You’ll know you found it when you hear a recording of a little girl singing the Solomon lullaby (creepiest thing ever by the way). The varying difficulty of the riddles is why I advise getting help if you get stuc;, some of them took me over forty-five minutes with how well they were hidden.

I hope the above tips help in general in your hunt for the Riddler trophies. I will be sharing a part two when I finish my investigation. In that article I will be highlighting the most difficult puzzles and riddles I experienced, as well as the final fight with Riddler. I will also be sharing the elusive 100% ending of the game.

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