PlayStation’s Road to Greatness

April 23rd, 2015 -

The past few years PlayStation has set off across the US in a big truck (along with some vans) and setup shop in cities all over, big and small, showing off new and unreleased titles. Of course, events like this require swag and contests featuring games that just came out – this year is a Street Fighter tournament, and the winner goes to the Capcom Pro Tour finals that take place in December. Sound good? Well, hopefully it’s better staffed than when I attended…

When I found out this event was happening by me, I was a bit shocked – it took place at my university a few years ago, and I only knew because several people in my major were discussing it. I took it upon myself to walk the campus to try and find it, so of course it was in the last place I looked: the dorms area. There were a few PlayStation vans parked around with tents and game stations setup. At the time, PlayStation was still into the PS Move with things like The Show (the contest that year was a homerun derby), the Vita had just launched, and it was apparently okay to hire people that had no idea about PlayStation products.

The lady and I at the event

I can understand if one of the reps didn’t know the answers to questions about the games, as they are just there to bring the hype, but I thought they would’ve at least known how to use a PlayStation 3. At one station, Ibb and Obb was being shown. The problem was that it was a build of the game that only had multiplayer (since single player wasn’t added until late in development), and the station only had one controller. One of the reps came over asking if I needed help, so I mentioned the issue to him, which led to him grabbing the controller and trying to play, shrugging, and walking away. Really? Other stations merely had demos running on them, which was a bit disappointing, considering I owned a PS3 and could play all of those at home. Of course, while stations had duplicate games being shown, it’s not like they were locked to them. Going to the XMB yielded things like Guacamelee, which wasn’t anywhere to be seen, and was something I was looking forward to playing.

This was all a few years ago, so it’s hard to say if the event has gotten better or not, though I imagine it has – PlayStation has done a great job of stepping it up with things like the PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas last year. It threw off so many people thinking it would be a minor event that just about everyone had understaffed the event for coverage. While this isn’t that, it’s hard to believe it wouldn’t improve each year, even though it’s targeted at the public opposed to the media. If it’s in a city near you, definitely take the time to check it out. If it isn’t coming to a city near you but you want it to be, enter the contest for a chance to win stuff in addition to the truck showing up in town.

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