MechRunner is Running towards Kickstarter

April 17th, 2014 -


MechRunner is a new title from Spark Plug Games that will be distributed on Steam, PS4, and PS Vita in July of 2014. If you’re familiar with endless runner type games, you have an idea of what to expect. Though it’s not a jump/dodge sort of runner. In this title, you’ll be transforming between a robot and tank mode destroying waves of enemies. You’ll be able to customize your arsenal of weapons, utilizing swords, cannons, and what have you. There are unlockable skins, upgrades, and achievements. Upon reaching new environments, you’ll come across new enemies that have different tactics, unexpected obstacles, and even cover to utilize by either side – clearly this isn’t Temple Run.

The team behind it aren’t new to the industry, either. Their president/founder John worked on games such as Xcom: Interceptor, Robotech: Battlecry and Invasion, Puzzle Quest, Civlization 2 and more. Ben, the Vice President/Creative Director, worked on several games with John, joining the gaming world in 1998. And Josh has been working for the past nine years as an art director, concept artist, modeler and animator for titles such as Red Faction 1 & 2, MechAssault 2 and Fracture. Suffice it to say, they’ve all worked with mecha in the past, and it just makes sense to go there once again.


So Kickstarter… why Kickstarter? Well, to be honest, it’s coming out with our without Kickstarter. However, they’re hoping to add some polish to this project. It’s ready for launch, but they want it to be even better. Can you blame them? And if you were to buy the game, wouldn’t you want it to be the best it could be? So what exactly will the money go towards? The current plan is to add polish to boss battles and levels, add more story elements into the game, hire professional voice actors for in-game dialogue, add more SFX and music, do more QA testing, optimize the game for each platform, and actually market the game upon release. $10 nets you the game on whatever platform you choose and a few bonuses on Kickstarter, so if the game interests you, may as well get it this way. If they meet their goal, you get a better game out of it. And naturally, the more you pay, the more stuff you get. So if the game interests you at all, give their Kickstarter a look and donate if you can. I know it’ll mean a lot to them.

MechRunner Kickstarter

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