Majestic Nights: View the Truth

July 23rd, 2014 -

Majestic Nights Logo

Ephiphany Games has just announced their debut season of an upcoming title, and it’s quite an undertaking: episodic role-playing-thriller set in an alternate 1980s where all conspiracy theories, past and present, are true.

If that sounds a bit nutty, your mind isn’t open to new ideas. I’ve never been a conspiracy theorist, but I have always enjoyed listening to conspiracies. How could you not? Even if they aren’t true, the shroud of mystery is worth getting invested in. And who can deny the wonder of people that speak of them just disappearing out of nowhere? Or “accidents” happening to them so they can no longer spread their beliefs? Fiction or non-fiction, it’s something that strikes a chord in most people.

You assume the role of two characters in Majestic Nights: Cardholder is an intelligence operative that may or may not have been at the helm of history’s largest conspiracies; the other is Cal, a PI that has a past shrouded in secrets that even she is unsure of – maybe you’ll help uncover them.

In a world where alien landings are denied, meetings of world leaders are masked, moon landings are staged, and the US sends people to the slaughter so they can join the various wars around the globe, you can see everything for what it is. All those people you call crazy? They’re the ones that are right. Put aside your beliefs of what the media spoon feeds you and think for yourself. Find out what Majestic Nights truly are over the span of this six episode season once it launches.

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